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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

G-Mobb and gang members from Blood-affiliated subsets had been "co-existing."

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G-Mobb and gang members from Blood-affiliated subsets had been "co-existing." After the G-Mobb members relocated out of Franklin Villa, "what we saw was a group of the younger Sacramento kids wanted to become part of this G-Mobb," he said. "So they began to integrate and form subsets off the G-Mobb with some of the younger G-Mobb members and families."A number of local subsets that identified with the G-Mobb, with names such as the Stickup Stars and the Guttah Boys, then fought with Blood affiliates such as the Fourth Avenue group in Oak Park, Maclafferty testified.
Sacramento State criminal justice professor and gang expert Jim Hernandez said the G-Mobb spinoffs and the splintering of the area's Blood network provide more evidence of a breakdown in the traditional red versus blue, color-coded gang structure.
"This idea of unified gang stuff, with the younger generation, is falling apart," Hernandez said. "You've got smaller groups, local groups, that are fighting everybody."It's a violence that endangers innocent bystanders and took the life of a young woman on a pathway to success.Kebret Tekle, 20, a student at California State University, Sacramento, was out with friends near the campus at the Library Eat & Drinks nightclub on Folsom Boulevard when a fight on the dance floor moved outside. The fight resulted in gunfire while she was getting in her car to leave.
A bullet from the May 2, 2007, shooting struck Tekle in the head. She slumped sideways in her vehicle and died later that day."She was a very good student, very disciplined, a very hard-working person," Tekle Sebhatu said about his daughter, who grew up in Union City. "She was very kind, very friendly, very active with her sorority group. It was her goal to complete her studies at Sac State and pursue her further education as well."Sebhatu sat through most of the preliminary hearing for David Allen Falls, 25, the man suspected of firing the deadly stray bullet. Sebhatu said he was amazed at the police testimony that provided the gang backdrop.
"I had no knowledge, no clue, as to how these gangs operate," said Sebhatu, an immigrant from the East African nation of Eritrea and an international business instructor for UC Berkeley Extension. "You hear it in the news or you might read about it in the paper. I was surprised to see the depth of their network, how they operate, that they are clueless in a way about other people's activities and the value that other people give to life."

B.C. gangs are taking over the streets. A violent gang war is taking place over the control of drug trade.

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B.C. gangs are taking over the streets. A violent gang war is taking place over the control of drug trade. Prince George seems to be one of the key battle grounds. The forestry community has had to deal with shootings and brawls as gangs fight amongst themselves.As police deal with one gang another pops up. There are a reported 129 gangs in B.C.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Gang violence appears to be on the rise in B.C. as gangs war over control of the lucrative drug trade

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Gang violence appears to be on the rise in B.C. as gangs war over control of the lucrative drug trade, but there are few places where the increase has been more severe than in Prince George. The northern forestry community has been plagued by a year of brawls, shootings, reports of torture and several murders as rival groups brazenly fight among themselves. In late summer, a 19-year-old man was seriously injured in drive-by shooting in Prince George, 500 kilometres northeast of Vancouver. A few weeks later, a young couple believed to be connected to the drug trade -- including a 19-year-old woman -- were found shot to death.
Although the victims were gang members, Mayor Dan Rogers says every violent act ripples into the wider community.
"There are innocent victims all the time," says Rogers, recently elected as mayor after 12 years on city council. "There are parents, there are relatives. It's just tragic." While things have quieted since the grisly October slayings, the head of the RCMP's local gang unit says 2008 was the worst year he has ever seen.
"We never used to have this kind of violence in Prince George," says Sgt. Raj Sidhu, who's been with the Mounties there for 13 years. "It's pretty brutal what's happening."

The violence in the city follows a pattern established elsewhere in B.C.
A new gang crops up, a turf war breaks out, and eventually the violence ends when one group is either beaten down by rivals or rounded up by police. The cycle has been a source of constant frustration for police forces combating violence among B.C.'s 129 identified gangs. "There's always peaks and valleys, and that seems to just repeat itself," says Supt. Dan Malo, head of the B.C. Integrated Gang Task Force. "We've certainly had an increase in gang-related murders (in 2008), but while it keeps moving around, it really becomes the same."
For example, the RCMP homicide team for the Lower Mainland -- excluding Vancouver and Delta -- says there were about 20 homicides connected to drugs and organized crime this year, compared with about 14 in 2007, and 20 in 2006. Gang-related killings tend to rise and fall with the overall homicide rate, the Mounties say.
Violence increases when gangs try to expand their influence into new areas, which is what appears to be happening in Prince George. The latest spate of attacks in that city is related to a turf war between the Independent Soldiers, who appeared two years ago and have ties to a gang in Vancouver, and a smaller, unnamed group that arrived about a year ago. While things have been quiet in the past couple of months, the head of the Prince George gang unit predicts the calm will be short-lived.
"I don't know for how long -- it's always revenge and the greed to take over the drug trade," says Sidhu. "There's always that vacuum. You take out one group and someone else wants to come in. Malo, while seeming resigned to the fact that gangs will be a perpetual problem in the province, says there remains reason to be hopeful. He says the force has dramatically changed its tactics in recent years, starting with the formation of the integrated task force in 2005, followed by a so-called violence suppression team two years later. The suppression team consists of several dozen uniformed officers who track gang members and try to intervene when violence erupts, or prevent it from happening in the first place. The task force is also reaching out to future gang members with a provincewide initiative targeting at-risk youth through community involvement and education.
And there have been successes in actual enforcement. A few weeks ago, the RCMP arrested nine people in Surrey and laid 26 charges related to drugs and weapons. It was part of a year-long investigation that the force held up as evidence its efforts were working. "We've seen a tremendous amount of violence in the past couple of years, and hopefully we're going to be able to suppress that for a period of time," Malo says.

Cannabis Wars,one man lay dead in his car with another sprawled wounded in the passenger seat.

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The A73 south of Nijmegan was littered with bullet casings, and one man lay dead in his car with another sprawled wounded in the passenger seat.The survivor refused to talk to police, even though a hired assassin had pursued his vehicle shooting at it without hitting for several miles before finally catching up and riddling it with automatic fire.
Commuters were horrified, but the murder in September was wearily familiar to detectives who have dealt with 25 gangland-style killings in suburban southern Holland over the past three years.

As usual, there was a cannabis connection. The assassin was a hired Bulgarian and his two victims, men in their twenties, had been involved with one of the thousands of cannabis “nurseries” which flourish out of sight in the attics, sheds and spare rooms of small towns – using Dutch horticultural expertise honed from years of growing tomatoes and tulips.Billions of euros worth of cannabis is grown for export – much of it to Britain – in Holland’s modern cannabis industry, which has come a long way since the days of penniless hippies growing pot on Amsterdam houseboats and opening “coffee shops” where stoners could happily puff away in an atmosphere of dope haze, peace and love.Now there is so much money and violence involved that Holland’s police commissioner responsible for cannabis calls it a danger to Dutch society.Since he started his job a year ago Max Daniel has made it his mission to change Holland’s laid-back view of the drug, and as calls mount from politicians and citizens to shut “nuisance” coffee shops he believes that his message is getting through.Mr Daniel said: “For years this was seen as an innocent business and the tolerant Dutch approach was undoubtedly a successful form of harm reduction – it kept users away from hard drugs.

“But now there is so much money to be made that cannabis is sucking in organised crime gangs from abroad and corrupting legitimate businesspeople – especially lawyers, estate agents and bankers. Money laundering is a massive enterprise, and it is bringing together white-collar professionals and the kind of criminals who deal with heroin, prostitutes and people-smuggling.

“Cannabis is a threat to our democracy.”Mr Daniel said police noticed that the business was starting to change about 15 years ago when criminals realised there were bigger profits from growing cannabis in Holland than smuggling it from Morocco, but the violence has become much worse in the past few years.Dutch police believe that the underground cannabis growing cottage industry has now become one of their nation’s biggest earners of foreign currency, worth an estimated 2.7 billion euros (£2.3 billion) in total – about half as much as Holland’s legitimate horticultural business.The public perception has not kept up with the worsening criminality; most Dutch still regard cannabis as harmless, if not quite respectable. A nationwide poll in November found that 80 per cent of Dutch people opposed the closure of marijuana coffee shops.The nation’s 730 coffee shops, where customers can buy herbal cannabis or hashish without fear of arrest, attract tourists and pay more than 300 million euros in tax annually.An estimated 40 per cent of the cannabis grown in Holland is sold in them. Police believe some are fronts for organised crime, but the worst of the violence takes place in the cannabis-growing industry where strong-arm gangs prey on novices who think they can make easy money by setting up cannabis farms.Everything needed can be bought in a “grow shop” – seeds, nutrients, powerful lights and hydration systems. Police say some grow shops sell the addresses of novices to criminal gangs, who months later smash their way in and steal crops or cash.Cannabis growers can’t go to the law for protection, so they arm themselves, electrify doors to shock or electrocute, or buy large dogs for protection. In one case police discovered a trap for intruders, in the form of a pit filled with sharpened stakes dug beneath a doormat. Suburban Holland has never seen anything like it.
Public anger about tolerant drugs laws is mounting along the French and Belgian borders, where rows of coffee shops sell to thousands of drugs tourists every week. They are accused of making a nuisance in the placid and law-abiding small towns.

This month Amsterdam’s civic fathers decided to shut 43 of the city’s 228 coffee shops as they were close to schools, another sign of growing anxiety about the city’s laid-back drugs laws.So far coffee shop owners have been remarkably relaxed in the face of the growing campaign against them.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Green Valley drive by shooting in Sydney’s south-west

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Police are appealing for witnesses to an overnight shooting attack on a house at Green Valley, in Sydney’s south-west.Around 11pm yesterday (Sunday 21 December), a series of shots were fired at a home in Hewison Avenue.Five people inside the house heard the volley of gunfire and ventured outside to find a number of spent cartridges and damage to the exterior of the home.The family contacted relatives, who in turn telephoned police.Officers from the Green Valley Local Area Command attended the address and secured the crime scene.Forensic Services Group experts and the Police Rescue Squad also responded.The spent casings were retrieved and will be subjected to a series of ballistics tests.Police are conducting a canvass of the neighbourhood in the hope someone witnessed the attack.

Nine men's heads were found in plastic bags in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero early Sunday. Eight of them were eventually identified

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Nine men's heads were found in plastic bags in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero early Sunday. Eight of them were eventually identified as belonging to soldiers, and the ninth was a lawyer. "grave mistake" for criminals in the illegal drug trade to have decapitated eight soldiers over the weekend, a top Mexican military officer said Monday.Residents of Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero, found the heads on a busy city street before dawn, and hours later located the bodies several kilometers (miles) away, local police said."For each member that you kill, we are going to kill ten of yours," read a sign that was found next to the heads. It was signed "You know who," a state security official told AFP.Prosecutors announced late Monday that soldiers had detained seven suspects in the decapitations, all in Guerrero state."The criminals made a grave mistake with this audacious crime," said the local regional commander, Enrique Jorge Alonso, speaking at a ceremony here Monday honoring the slain soldiers.The beheading was "an offense against the (government) institutions and especially to those who wear a military uniform," said Alonso, speaking for Defense Secretary Guillermo Galvan.
The attack was a "sick and despicable act of revenge," Alonso said."There will not be the least concession ... and we will not rest until we have put these criminals where they belong," he added.
The soldiers were apparently kidnapped late Saturday as they left their base in Chilpancingo, located 80 kilometers (50 miles) northeast of the resort town of Acapulco.
The beheadings were the drug cartel's answer to the Friday slaying of three drug cartel members in a clash with soldiers in the town of Teloloapan, also in Guerrero state, the daily La Jornada reported, citing security sources.President Felipe Calderon, speaking in Mexico City, said that the death of the soldiers "had not been in vain."Mexico "will spare no effort to bring to justice those responsible for these cowardly acts," Calderon said.Feuding drug cartels have engaged in a fierce battle to dominate Guerrero state. In the past two years, decapitated victims were recovered there at least three times. Two of those killed were federal police.Separately, 19 people were killed overnight Sunday to Monday in the northern state of Chihuahua in drug related violence, state officials said.
They include 14 people found dead in different parts of Ciudad Juarez, the most violent city in Mexico, located across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas.
Those include a couple, both 25, who were killed in a hail of 49 gunshots, said Alejandro Pariente with the Chihuahua state prosecutor's office.Authorities blame most of the violence there to an ongoing war between the Ciudad Juarez drug cartel -- led by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes -- and the rival Sinaloa drug cartel led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman for control of the city, one of the most lucrative points to smuggle drugs into the United States.More than 5,300 people have been killed this year across the country in a wave of drug-related attacks, despite a government clampdown on cartels .

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Three people are dead following a quadruple shooting at a Kingsland apartment complex

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Three people are dead and another wounded following a quadruple shooting Sunday night at a Kingsland apartment complex, police said.The shootings occurred about 6:45 p.m. at the Sea Parc apartment complex, one mile west of Interstate 95 off Georgia 40.Lt. Todd Tetterton, a Kingsland Police spokesman, said roll call was being taken at administrative offices at the Kingsland Welcome Center when officers there heard between 20 and 25 gunshots. The shots were at Sea Parc, which is a just a few blocks from the welcome center.As officers drove to the scene, Tetterton said neighbors began calling 911 emergency dispatchers to report hearing multiple gunshots. Officers arrived to discover two people in the parking lot with gunshot wounds, he said.One of the shooting victims in the parking lot, Jamie Riddle, 33, of Kingsland, died aboard an emergency medical helicopter bound for Shands Jacksonville. The other victim remains hospitalized in serious condition. Tetterton declined to identify the survivor for his protection.When officers went inside an apartment located on Sea Parc Circle, they found two people dead from multiple gunshot wounds. Tetterton identified them as Michael Key, 25, of Brunswick, and Phyllis Frazier, 28, of Kingsland.Tetterton said both Key and Frasher lived in the apartment. Riddle and the other shooting victim in the parking lot were planning to visit Key and Frasher and had apparently just driven into the parking lot when the gunman emerged from the apartment, Tetterton said.“We know there were several people involved but only one active shooter,” Tetterton said.Witnesses reporting seeing a medium to large dark-colored SUV, investigators said.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Jefferson Park Gangster member drive by shooting was reported at a Mesa home on Sunday night.

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Police are searching for a suspect or suspects after a drive by shooting was reported at a Mesa home on Sunday night.According to police, the resident reported that an unknown suspect/s shot at his house around 8:20 p.m. No shells were discovered, but round fragments were recovered from the victim’s vehicle which was parked in the driveway.Rounds, appearing to be from a shotgun, also penetrated the residence nearly missing the victim’s father. According to police the victim is on house arrest for a shooting involving a Jefferson Park Gangster member. According to officials the area is well known for an on-going dispute between the victim and JPG.
The suspect vehicle was last seen traveling southbound on Jefferson from East Arbor and is described as a white Honda passenger car. No one was injured during the incident.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Istanbul : Gang Shootout Caught On CCTV.

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According to the source,bitter rivalry between 2 gangs came to ahead over a gun and alcohol deal.A meeting between the gang members turned violent after the deal went sour.3 People were killed in the shootout but police were quickly on the scene to bring it to an end and arrested most of the gang.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Malindi Airport ,Two suspected armed robbers were gunned down in a fierce gun battle

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Two suspected armed robbers were gunned down in a fierce gun battle between them and police officers near the Malindi Airport on Friday night.An AK 47 rifle and a toy pistol were recovered from the slain suspects while one of their accomplices who was armed with a pistol escaped.Malindi Police Chief Ayub Gitonga Ali and the District Criminal Investigation Officer Mr. John Kariuki who visited the scene said the robbers were preparing to rob a house near the airport were gunned down by flying squad police officers who had trailed tem from Malindi town.Ali said the officers had received a tip off from members of the public and started tailing the suspects and eventually caught up with them at about 8.00pm local time. "Police officers ordered the three to surrender, but the one armed with the pistol opened fire on the officers, who responded and gunned down the two," he said.
Ali said the three were among a group of criminals that the police had been looking for."It was not our wish to kill the suspects because had we arrested them they would have led us to the others but since one of them started shooting at our officers the officers had to defend themselves," he said.Mr. Ali said security had been beefed up in Malindi town especially during this festive season and warned armed gangs to keep off the town."We are in the festive season, and I warn those criminals who may be planning to carry out their activities in Malindi that we are alert and we shall catch up with them," he told reporters.Mr. Ali assured residents and tourists that Malindi was a safe place and asked them to enjoy their holidays in the area without fear.

Bulldog gang member was sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole for his role in the killing of 16-year-old Courtney Rice

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Bulldog gang member was sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole for his role in the killing of 16-year-old Courtney Rice in June 2006.Wearing leg and wrist shackles, Joseph Enrique Lopez, 26, told Rice's family in the Fresno County courtroom that he was sorry for Rice's death."I am not the enemy," he said. "I didn't have anything to do with this." But the victim's mother, Stephanie Rice, and the girl's grandmother, Joan Robledo, told Judge Gary Orozco that Lopez should spend the rest of his life in prison."We want justice for Courtney," Robledo said. "She was only 16 years old. There was no regard for her life."The judge agreed, saying Lopez played a key role in her death.Rice, the mother of a 1-year-old, was lured to an apartment complex in northwest Fresno and suffocated by Bulldog gang members, prosecutor Chris Gularte said. Her half-naked and bruised body was found wrapped in a sleeping bag in the back of an abandoned pickup a few days later.In February, a jury convicted Lopez of first-degree murder, attempted rape and false imprisonment. The panel also found that Lopez directed the killing to enhance the image of a gang.
Lopez received 11 years and eight months for his convictions of attempted rape and false imprisonment, as well as for the gang enhancement and his prior criminal activity. He received life in prison without parole for the murder conviction.
Though Lopez was not in the apartment when Rice died, the prosecutor said Lopez directed other gang members to kill her because he feared she might snitch to police about his criminal background. His prior crimes include drunken driving causing injury, selling drugs, auto theft and evading police, the judge said.
The girl "is gonna have to die," Lopez reportedly said while holding a shotgun.
Gularte said Lopez also left fingerprints on the black tape that was used to bind the girl and stole his brother's work truck to haul the body away.
Rice died of asphyxiation, Gularte said during the trial. Pathologist Venu Gopal backed up the prosecutor's allegations, but he was challenged by defense pathologists who said Rice may have died from a heart attack because she was on drugs.Originally, seven people were charged in connection to Rice's killing. They have either accepted plea deals with the District Attorney's Office or have been convicted by a jury.On Friday, Lopez's lawyer, Phillip Cherney, said his client was remorseful. "This may sound ironic, but I know he cared about Courtney Rice," Cherney said.The defense lawyer said Lopez's sentence was unfair because the other defendants, including the ones who actually killed Rice, have received lesser prison sentences

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Even real live gangsters and the Mafia respect the church -- they may shoot you when you come out of it but won't shoot you when you come in it

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Church leaders work to patch up the bullet holes left in the lobby's burgundy carpet, the church's pastor and neighbors Monday called on the city to make gun violence a higher priority. The family of Darshawn L. Cross, 31, who was shot at least three times inside the church, said prayers at his bedside Monday, moments before he was declared brain-dead. He was surrounded by eight to 10 relatives and friends at Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center. Investigators say they have leads in the suspected gang-related shooting, which turned into a homicide Monday. No arrests have been made.
"Even real live gangsters and the Mafia respect the church -- they may shoot you when you come out of it but won't shoot you when you come in it," said Robert Richardson, a church elder from another North Portland church active in gang outreach ministry. "But when we get to a place where a young man has gotten so ripped with anger, misunderstanding and the malice of a thug-life, he has no conscience for the serenity of a church, it's a real sad commentary." Richardson knew Cross and helped lead prayers at his bedside Monday. "I prayed this would be a wake-up call, not to advance the violence, but to reduce the violence," he said.
On Friday, Cross was attending the funeral service for his friends' mother, Sharon Lynn Kemp, 51, when he was shot. About 150 people were in the main sanctuary for the funeral. The service was nearing the end when gunfire erupted.
Church leaders said they'd seen Cross fighting with a man at the back of the church. People separated the two, taking Cross to a small receiving room beside the sanctuary, and the other man to the lobby. But a door connects the two areas, and they began fighting again. The Rev. Robert C. Jointer, New Hope's pastor, did not lead the funeral service and was in his study on the same floor.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Hells Angel who was secretly working as a police agent was bent on murdering a rival biker, Whitby Court heard

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Hells Angel who was secretly working as a police agent was bent on murdering a rival biker, Whitby Court heard ."He'll be nothing," Steven Gault told Remond (Ray) Akleh of the Hells Angels elite Nomads chapter on Sept. 27, 2006, in a secretly recorded conversation. "He'll become a nothing ... He'll be fertilizer."The conversation was picked up by a police recording device carried by Gault.Akleh, 46, and Oshawa Hells Angels president Mark Cephes Stephenson, 45, each face charges of conspiracy to commit murder and counselling to commit murder for allegedly recruiting Gault to murder Frank (Cisco) Lenti of the Bandidos club in the summer of 2006.However, Akleh told court it was police agent Gault who was pushing hard to murder Lenti.The alleged murder plot against Lenti was never carried out.Akleh was on his fourth day on the witness stand yesterday."Did the club want Mr. Lenti killed?" Akleh's lawyer, Glenn Orr, asked."No sir," Akleh replied. "From what I understood, no. And I did not want Frank Lenti killed."Akleh told court that he feared for his own life when Gault appeared at his home on Sept. 27, 2006, and pushed him to provide a photo to help him track down Lenti and kill him."I'm scared of the man (Gault), sir," Akleh told court. "What am I going to do? Hit (punch) him? And then he comes back in the middle of the night."Akleh said he tried to trick Gault out of carrying out the murder by saying that he feared police had caught wind of the plot.Orr asked Akleh why he would suggest such a thing."You talk about a man and then he disappears," Akleh said. "There's a problem there."Akleh said he could have easily directed Gault to the Club Pro strip club in Vaughan, where Lenti worked in security. However, Akleh said he deliberately avoided telling Gault anything that would help him kill Lenti, who he described as a friend from the late 1990s, when the two men were members of the Satan's Choice club together.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bosnian Muslim gangster war

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Three individuals have been wounded in a gangster related drive-by shooting in the suburb of Tuzla and one of the wounded, Damir Mehic, is a close capo of the recently released alleged war criminal Naser Oric.Naser Oric was a Bosnian Muslim commander who exterminated all Serbs around Srebrenica and then had his army devastated by the Serbian General Ratko MladicThe attack in Tuzla came after the two individuals entered their car, Audi Q7, which was then immediately sprayed with bullets. Besides Mehic, known as Bibi, Jasenko Hajdarhodzic was hit in the head and is in a hospital where doctors are battling to save his life.Another individual, Faik C., a worker at the near by Gaz Auto firm, was shot in a knee.“It is a matter of many rounds from two types of weapons,” said Ivo Iveljic.The police is reluctant to describe the shooting as gangster related.Sources, however, say that the hit was ordered by the Bosnian gangster clan chief, Muhamed Ali Gasi, an ethnic Albanian that was once on a Bosnian TV bragging about his criminal heists.The sources say that a rival gang sought to kill Gasi’s capo, Fatmir Mujaj, in the Bosnian night club Icognito.
No arrests have been made.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Firing-squad style execution of seven men whose bodies were found outside a high school, and the slaying of a man and his son in front of hundreds o

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20 people, mostly men, were reported murdered in Ciudad Juarez. The incidents included the apparent firing-squad style execution of seven men whose bodies were found outside a high school, and the slaying of a man and his son in front of hundreds of middle school students. Local press accounts report the murders of more than 1,400 people in Ciudad Juarez so far this year.Even as activists prepared to launch the Chihuahua-Chiapas caravan, the number of female homicide victims kept mounting in Ciudad Juarez and other parts of the state of Chihuahua. For instance, in a period of less than 24 hours Nov. 20-21, five women were killed in Ciudad Juarez in gangland-style slayings

Gangland characters in Melbourne are most likely to be gunned down in winter between 9pm and midnight.

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Most dangerous time for a marked member of Melbourne's underworld is a Monday night in the month of May. Gangland characters in Melbourne are most likely to be gunned down in winter between 9pm and midnight.They will probably be ambushed while sitting in the driver's seat of their car. The hitmen - most likely armed with a handgun or shotgun - will probably shoot from close range. But potential victims can relax a little on Fridays and Sundays - they are the least likely days for underworld killings. As details of seven new murders emerge, a statistical study of our city's previous 27 gangland executions reveals a killing pattern with a distinct Melbourne flavour. At least some of the underworld victims whose stories have been told in the Underbelly TV series may have prolonged their lives by studying the stats. Victorian hitmen have unintentionally left behind some tell-tale signs of where, when and how they are likely to strike. At least 90 per cent of the Melbourne killings were selective murders. It goes without saying that most, if not all, of these people knew their lives were in grave danger. Despite that, most of the victims failed to recognise the kill pattern that could have helped them avoid death or, at the very least, delay it. The fact most of the murders and killings were unrelated meant no one thought to check for an emerging pattern. And, having done the statistics, it turns out Victorian hitmen were unintentionally leaving some telltale signs of where, when and how they were likely to strike - important information for someone under threat. The kill pattern is in contrast, for example, to the pattern left by other assassins around the world. The business of drug trafficking, intimidation, standing over nightclubs and other after-dark activity often accelerates late in the week. This kind of weekend work requires subtle threats and not-so-subtle violence - hence Melbourne criminals often carry guns late in the week and over weekends as a tool of the trade.
The dog-eat-dog world of Melbourne crime also means these criminals are hyper-vigilant about their own safety during business hours. Therefore, hitmen have figured the best time to strike is early in the week. When grouped together these statistics identify the deadliest times in Melbourne's gangland war - a time to kill, if you like. After reading this article, it is inevitable that some will now say: "One easy way of not being shot at close range with a handgun, in May, between 9pm and midnight, on a Monday night and while seated in a car is to avoid being a crook in the first place." But Australia isn't a free-for-all killing field and victims are victims, no matter who they are or what they've done.

Escalating shoot-outs between The Family,ethnic gangsters in the northern suburbs

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Escalating shoot-outs between ethnic gangsters in the northern suburbs Most of the seven suburban slayings, which occurred between February and last month, have been discovered in or near metropolitan parks and reserves. Two were parkland "slash and burns" - suspected of being related to drug deals. A third victim is believed to have had his throat cut in a Noble Park reserve before being rolled into a nearby creek. Three others were shot dead and the seventh was bashed to death and dumped in a field. All except two of the victims were aged under 35, all the killings had drug or criminal links and no one has been charged over three of the cases. It is a comparative kill rate to the height of the Carlton crew-Williams crew gangland war where in 2003 when eight underworld-linked figures were executed.
In other years of that war, four or less people were killed. THE seven suburban slayings have been probed in separate homicide inquiries, but are not believed to have a devoted taskforce even though drugs are suspected to be a common factor.
As the bodies have stacked up, police have been spooked by an escalation in non-fatal shootings by ethnic gangsters in Melbourne's north. A Lebanese organised crime syndicate and its rivals are believed to be behind about 20 non-fatal shootings around Broadmeadows, Gladstone Park, Preston, Reservoir and Coburg since November last year. The main gang, dubbed The Family, allegedly centres on a patriarch and three sons running a speed, ice and ecstasy racket backed by threats against police and residents and violent attacks, sometimes allegedly with chainsaws and machineguns. They cannot be named because of court hearings. Victoria Police has responded with the new 20-officer Taskforce Santiago, taking over from Operation Lased, which was probing the northern gangs. Det Acting Insp Steve White said the taskforce would deploy roadblocks in the north and bring in the heavily armed Special Operations Group for risky arrests. "Even when (Operation Lased) had made some arrests at the end of September, shootings still occurred," he said.
"That's why we've been established - bottom line to stop the shooting. "I'm concerned about the amount of guns that are in the community and where they're sourcing them from," Det White, Santiago's operational head, said. "It seems to me as soon as we take a gun off the street it's replaced. "Long arms, short arms, all different types. "Nothing surprises me in policing, but the fact that they can get access to guns so readily is a concern." The squad devoted to combating the drug and gun menace has drawn officers from homicide, armed crime and crime-tasked operations. But police believe further shootings may be imminent "because you can't control everything that's going on in the suburbs". "We haven't had a shooting in the past five weeks (since the taskforce began). In that respect we've done our job," Det White said. "We've had some good results, but it's the tip of the iceberg." Det White said the code of silence, which was cultural and born of fear, meant criminals would not identify their tormentors. "But Purana has shown it can work. Criminals will make statements and give evidence against each other for a variety of reasons," he said. "We will be more than happy to go and chat to anyone who wants to come forward." "We're still putting the jigsaw together as to who's who . . . but certainly it's significant enough for us to start a taskforce to look at it." The existence of Operation Santiago was revealed in the days after the shooting of Bandidos bikie Ross Brand, but it is focused mostly on the northern gangs' shooting sprees. POLICE believe the northern crime gangs may have resulted from jockeying for dominance in the wake of Purana's successes. Senior crime investigators said the current major crime players were loosely based on ethnic grounds, including Italian and Lebanese. But the gangland groups were increasingly making multi-racial alliances, forming a "criminal melting pot" when special skills or expertise were needed. High-ranking sources also said the ceasefire in the gangland war was not permanent and it was likely there would be at least another hit.They said detected drug flows - including big ecstasy busts worth hundreds of millions of dollars and alleged linked to the Calabrian mafia - were "just the tip of the iceberg".

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Baltimore police identified yesterday four victims from a recent spate of homicides

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Baltimore police identified yesterday four victims from a recent spate of homicides, including a 14-year-old boy killed in Sunday's quadruple shooting. Police said the boy, Perrish Parker, was killed along with 26-year-old Darren Davis and 45-year-old Troy Brown when gunfire erupted in the 4000 block of Oakford Ave. in Northwest Baltimore on Sunday night. He was the 24th juvenile homicide victim this year, and the second 14-year-old killed in November, the city's deadliest month of 2008.
Court records show Brown had been sought since April on a warrant for violating his probation. He pleaded guilty in March to one count of drug possession with intent to distribute and received an eight-year prison sentence, nearly all of which was suspended and followed by three years of supervised probation. Davis had several prior convictions for drug possession.It was not clear what the relationship the three had, if any. Police said they did not know Parker's age, but a family friend and a relative confirmed the age in e-mails to TheBaltimore Sun. An unidentified woman was also wounded in the shooting. Police also identified Alton Alston, 19, as the victim of a shooting early Monday in the 200 block of S. Clinton St. in East Baltimore. Alston was on probation following a guilty plea to a drug charge in October 2007. He received a five-year prison sentence, though four years and six months of that sentence was suspended. In July, he was charged with attempted first-degree murder, armed robbery and assault, but the charges were dropped less than a month later. Prosecutors said there was insufficient evidence to proceed with an indictment after witnesses gave conflicting information.

Three shooting incidents in Sydney in 24 hours.

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Three shooting incidents in Sydney in 24 hours.A man is in police custody this afternoon after a man was shot in Sydney's west.Ambulance crews were called to a house in Denver Road, St Clair, about 1.30pm, where they found a man, aged about 30, with gunshot wounds to the arm and chest, an ambulance spokesman said.He was taken to Nepean Hospital in a stable condition, he said.The call to ambulance crews had said the shooting was an accident."Whether he's accidentally shot himself or someone else accidentally shot him [is not known],'' he said.A police spokesman said another man had been taken into custody over the shootings and was being questioned.In the early hours today, two shots were fired into a house at Beatrice Street, Bass Hill, about 1.10am, police say.A number of people were at home at the time, but no one was injured."I can confirm it was a domestic incident, but unfortunately the details are pretty scarce," acting Inspector Alan Spence from Bankstown police said.The occupants of the house are understood to have provided few details about the attack. No description of the gunmen was given.The shooting comes after similar incidents in the same suburb and in the neighbouring suburb of Chester Hill a month ago."I wouldn't say that we are having any more than we normally encounter in this area," acting Inspector Spence said.Soon after that shooting, 10 shots were fired into a tattoo parlour at Burwood Road, Belmore, about 1.45am.Inspector Mark Pluss from Campsie police said a male worker was in the parlour at the time but was not injured.Less than two months ago, a series of shootings and an arson attack at a tattoo parlour in Brighton-Le-Sands was described by police as "a battle over turf between rival [bikie] gangs"."At this stage, I don't think we can put [the Belmore shooting] down to that," Inspector Pluss said.He said there had been no other reported incidents at the parlour in the past.

Leon Wiley former member of the notorious "Nut Case Gang"

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Leon Wiley laughed as an Alameda County Superior Court Judge today ordered the 30-year old to spend the rest of his life in prison.The former member of the notorious "Nut Case Gang" chuckled some more when family members of one of the three people he either killed or ordered to be killed talked about their loved ones.
And, as Wiley was led out of the courtroom after a stern talking-to by Judge Joseph Hurley, he made sure to look both the judge and then family members in the eyes as he shouted his allegiance to the gang that terrorized Oakland in 2003."I don't give a f---," Wiley shouted as he was surrounded by court bailiffs. "I'm not scared of none of that s---. I don't care, I got no where to go. I'm Gotti, I'm Tweezy. Nut Cases."Wiley was one of eight members of the gang who were arrested in early 2003 after a six-week crime spree in Oakland that included five killings of strangers and a host of robberies.Oakland law enforcement officials considered the group, which members called the Nut Case Gang, "one of the most notorious little killing groups the city has ever seen."Originally, the Alameda County district attorney's office sought the death penalty against Wiley and other Nut Case members; however, the office changed its mind after a jury refused to give the first Nut Case member the death penaltyNevertheless, at least three of the gang members have been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the numerous crimes they committed in 2003. Others were sentenced to lesser terms after they took plea deals or were found not to have committed the most serious felonies.Wiley, who led the group for a time, was accused of some of the most heinous acts of the group. He was found guilty in September on seven felony counts including three counts of first degree murder, one count of attempted murder and several other felonies.
Most of the killings were committed against complete strangers.A jury found that Wiley killed Tracy Easterling, 21 and directed other members to kill Keith Maki Harris, 14 and Jerry Duckworth, 24. "He is to be incarcerated until he dies," Hurley said as he sentenced Wiley. "It is clear he is someone who treated firearms like people treat forks and knives."Tiffany Evans, Easterling's cousin, told the court that her cousin's death left a void in the family that could never be filled.
"My family suffers every day," she said as Wiley chuckled. "When we want to see her, we need to go to a grave."Easterling's aunt, Kathleen Miller, said she is horrified everyday by the last image of her niece."The last time I saw Tracy, is seeing her lying there in the hospital on life support," Miller said.Michael Nieto, a deputy district attorney who tried the case, said Wiley deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison and chalked up the gang member's courtroom outbursts to someone who is afraid of prison."Behind all that bragging, I believe Mr. Wiley is very scared to go to prison," Nieto said. "I've heard jail calls in which he is crying about going to prison."Nieto said he was relieved Wiley received the maximum sentence allowed under law and hopes the case proves to city residents that if they cooperate with police groups like the Nut Cases will end up in prison.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mexican and Guatemalan drug traffickers arguing about a horse race in a rural border town began a series of gunbattles in which 17 people died

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Mexican and Guatemalan drug traffickers arguing about a horse race in a rural border town began a series of gunbattles in which 17 people died, police said Monday.
National police spokesman Donald Gonzalez said the traffickers were drinking in the town of Santa Ana Huista on Sunday afternoon when an argument broke out over bets on a horse race, leading to a pursuit in which the gunmen shot at each other with automatic weapons from trucks racing down roads near a remote part of the Mexican border.Gonzalez said police even found grenade-launchers at the scene of the final shootout, along with hundreds of bullet cartridges and a truck with license plates from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.The increasing violence of Mexican drug gangs has sometimes spilled across the border into Guatemala, which is often used as part of the corridor to smuggle drugs toward the United States.Guatemalan police say 11 people died in a clash between drug gangs in March and authorities say the shooting and burning of 15 people on a bus in November also appears to be linked to drug trafficking.

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