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Friday, 30 April 2010

Violent drug gangs are terrorizing Mexico's famed Acapulco beach resort

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Violent drug gangs are terrorizing Mexico's famed Acapulco beach resort, with hitmen shooting at rivals on the hotel strip and dumping beheaded bodies in a battle for control.Bloodshed has jumped in the area, a flashpoint in President Felipe Calderon's war on drugs, since troops killed cartel kingpin Arturo Beltran Leyva in December, triggering a power struggle within his organization.Hitmen have been deployed in Acapulco, a playground for Hollywood stars in the 1950s, as two would-be leaders of the Beltran Leyva gang vie for control of smuggling routes from the Pacific coast to Mexico City and the U.S. border, federal police and analysts say.A shootout in broad daylight on Acapulco's main strip this month killed six people, including three bystanders, forcing cars to swerve out of control and causing tourists to dive for cover along a palm-tree lined boulevard."It was like we were in the middle of a war on the main tourist strip. That's just not right," said Celso Sanchez, director of a private school that saw two of its students shot dead in the crossfire.Surging violence, also visible in the colonial getaway town of Cuernavaca on the road from Mexico City to Acapulco, has pressured the tourism industry across Mexico as well as adding to the worries of foreign investors.Acapulco's older hotels, once exclusive getaways for millionaires and stars like Frank Sinatra, John Wayne and Rita Hayworth, have struggled to compete with newer and flashier all-inclusive rivals in the Caribbean and Baja California.Since a highway was built in the 1990s to connect the town to Mexico City, Acapulco has seen a boom in Mexican tourists. But they spend much less than foreigners who now tend to prefer beach resorts like Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta.The number of tourists flying into Acapulco fell by almost 20% in the first three months of 2010, according to airport operator OMA.Mexico is a top tourist destination, with more than 20 million annual visitors. Tourism makes up 8% of its economy.Acapulco business owners are desperate to assure visitors their city of more than one million people is safe."Obviously we can't lie and say nothing is happening when you can see the number of dead on the news," said Pedro Falcon, a representative of local travel agencies. "But we have to keep working despite the crisis, not let fear or panic take over."
Mr. Calderon has staked his presidency on crushing drug gangs, whose turf wars and clashes with security forces have killed 23,000 people since he took power in 2006. His deployment of 70,000 troops and police has led to more violence.
The killings in Acapulco and Cuernavaca result from a leadership battle between Hector Beltran Leyva, Arturo's brother, and Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez.

Cops: Shooting at Oakland funeral was gang-related - San Jose Mercury News

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Cops: Shooting at Oakland funeral was gang-related - San Jose Mercury News: "Police believe gangs are responsible for a shooting after an Oakland church funeral that erupted into a massive brawl involving hundreds of people. Mourners were gathered at Cosmopolitan Baptist Church on Tuesday to remember 18-year-old Davante Riley, who allegedly was killed by a 15-year-old girl he had been dating. Authorities say rival gangs exchanged gunfire in the church's parking lot during a fight that prompted Oakland police to order a citywide emergency call.
Witnesses reported seeing two teenagers tossing a semi-automatic pistol and a revolver while running from the scene. No one was shot, but two people were hurt in the brawl. The two teens, ages 16 and 17, were charged Wednesday with multiple weapons counts. Their names have not been released because they are juveniles"

Men charged with assault of gang unit detective

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Men charged with assault of gang unit detective: "Chad M. Jordan, 24, was seen punching a man in the face, according to police. Court documents show that when the man fell, Jordan continued to punch him and another man, David A. Rengo, 24, also began hitting him as he was lying on the ground.
Police said the man was not fighting back and tried to crawl away.
One of the detectives left their patrol vehicle and grabbed Jordan.
Rengo then came up behind the detective and pushed him. The officer lost his hold of Jordan.
Rengo then threw three punches at the detective, according to the report.
Rengo then yelled, 'It's the police, run!' according to court documents.
Police captured Jordan and Rengo after a foot chase."

City Journalist Directory - Nicky Ayers - Liverpool Gangster Executed in West Derby Street

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City Journalist Directory - Nicky Ayers - Liverpool Gangster Executed in West Derby Street: "Liverpool gangster executed after midnight today as he is killed instantly when three gun shots are pumped into his body
Nicky Ayers
Shot dead at
South Cantril Avenue
West Derby
Features :-

• Police say the killer was lone gunman

• Nicky Ayers was in his mid forties

• A witness said he heard 4 shots

• The gangster had a fearsome reputation in Liverpool

• Hence the police believe he was likely gunned down by a rival gang member

• The police have reported that avid Liverpool FC supporter Nicky Ayers had been in dispute recently over drug turf areas with rival gangs

• The tension had been ratcheting up among the city gangs

• Ayers was also manager of the Western Approaches FC who play in the Liverpool and District Sunday League

Police are used to gangs in the city being tooled up with guns and samurai swords etc"

Thursday, 29 April 2010

National Guard squad rolling into an inner-city Chicago neighborhood

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"As we speak, National Guard members are working side-by-side with our troops to fight a war halfway around the world. ... We have another war that is just as deadly taking place right in our backyard."Fritchey's first glitch is rather revealing: National Guard servicemen and women are troops, and definitely our troops -- a reserve of trained soldiers able to fight in their own units or augment U.S. regular forces. His second glitch, conflating Afghan combat with Chicago street crime, exceeds political hyperbole and enters the realm of blockheaded ignorance.A National Guard squad rolling into an inner-city Chicago neighborhood can establish "presence" -- and presence can serve a deterrent function. A policeman on a beat establishes presence. Here's the concept: When the cop drives by or stands on the corner, rational thugs scatter and look for easier targets.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Gang Hitmen Suspected in Shootout that Leaves Eight Dead

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Gang Hitmen Suspected in Shootout that Leaves Eight Dead: "Mexican authorities believe a number of gang hitmen are responsible for a brutal ambush that left seven police officers and one bystander dead in the volatile city of Ciudad Juarez.
According to reports the police had been traveling in two vehicles and were stopped at an intersection when the gunmen opened fire from behind. Six federal officers and one local police officer were among the dead as was a 17-year-old boy who had been walking in the area."

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Hells conducted their war against the Alliance, an umbrella group of rival gangs including the Rock Machine

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Judge faces trial tribulations: "Hells conducted their war against the Alliance, an umbrella group of rival gangs including the Rock Machine. The Crown contends that almost every Hells Angel in Quebec voted for the showdown.
Its ultimate toll included 160 murders.
At least three non-gang members were gunned down after they were mistaken for Rock Machine adherents by hitmen from the Hells, according to police. The unlucky trio all lost their lives in bungled shootings between August 1998 and April 2000.
One, Serge Hervieux, was shot at a car-rental agency in Montreal simply because he had the same first name as agency owner Serge Bruneau, a member of the Dark Circle trafficking gang affiliated with the Alliance.
Several lawyers canvassed in the hallways said that with 156 accused in what is so far a single case with one indictment, Brunton is administering the most complex judicial mega-procedure in Canadian history"

Adrian Robles to Be Charged with Murder in Simpson Slaying -

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Adrian Robles to Be Charged with Murder in Simpson Slaying - "Adrian Robles, 20, is believed to be the man who fatally stabbed Simpson on April 15.
He wasn’t formally arraigned Friday, as there was confusion over who — or what agency — would represent him. Attorney Ben Bycel appeared on behalf of the defense, but he said he may not be able to take the case because of contractual conflicts.
Judge Clifford Anderson took two trips to his chambers with that issue, calling Bycel and Senior Deputy District Attorney Hilary Dozer with him the second time."

Gangsters Out Blog: LAPD Names Anton as a Person of interest

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Gangsters Out Blog: LAPD Names Anton as a Person of interest: "Anton Hooites-Meursing as a person of interest in the murder of Joe Bralic in LA back in 2001. The police say he isn't a suspect in the actual murder but he is a person of interest because he appears to be the one who hooked up Bralic with his drug connections in LA.
For those of you who aren't familiar with the story, Joe Bralic was a local bodybuilder who made a deal to trade some B.C. Bud for cocaine in LA but the deal went sour and he ended up dead. Anton is a person of interest because he seemingly put Bralic in touch with the guys he was supposed to make the cocaine trade with. Anton's involvement is nothing new so I'm not sure why it's new news. Perhaps since Anton has made headlines recently as being Person X and is cooperating with police in the Surrey Six Murder trial.Another obvious fact is two other persons of interest in that case. Two other criminals Bralic befriended who actually went to LA with him were Garry Favell and Derrick Madinski. Bralic's body was dumped in an alley around 1:00 PM on a Thursday. That same morning Favell and Madinski had checked out of the same hotel into one down the street. They must have known something was up. They came back to Bralic's hotel around 3:00 PM and asked the maid for the key to his room so they could check on their 'friend' who was not answering the door. Yet they left LA and returned to Canada without him and without filing a missing person report. With friends like those, who needs enemies.
Yes the Hells Angels do appear to be involved since they tried to recruit Bralic for MMA and attended his funeral. Yet I doubt they were the ones who had him killed. It looks more like the two Kelowna boys who were brutally murdered buying drugs for the Hells Angels in Mexico."

Leading organised crime figure shot dead in Dublin - The Irish Times - Sat, Apr 24, 2010

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Leading organised crime figure shot dead in Dublin - The Irish Times - Sat, Apr 24, 2010: "Eamon Dunne was gunned down just before 10pm last night at the Fassaugh House pub in Cabra.It is believed he was shot a number of times in the head. Gardaí said today four men were involved in the attack and are believed to have fled in a red LH-registered car. The killing is one of the most significant gangland murders of the last decade.The motive for the murder was unclear last night but Dunne’s gang are the chief suspects for more gun murders than any other group in the history of Irish organised crime.One Garda source said: “The list of suspects will be very, very long.”Dunne (34), Dunsoughly Drive, Ratoath Road, Finglas, had assumed control of the major Finglas-based drugs and armed robbery gang once led by Martin “Marlo” Hyland.Along with a gang leader involved in the Limerick feud, Dunne has been the Garda’s main gangland target of recent years."

MS-13 gang member receives life sentence | Latest

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MS-13 gang member receives life sentence | Latest: "Luis Bonilla, aka Chofre, 23, the leader of a MS-13 street gang in Jamaica, N.Y. was sentenced to life imprisonment by U. S. District Judge Sterling Johnson, Jr., at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn today. The sentencing was announced by Benton J. Campbell, U. S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.Bonilla plead guilty to racketeering and predicate acts of murder and attempted murder. He participated in the murder of 15 year old boy from Queens, N.Y. on Christmas Eve in 2006."

Friday, 23 April 2010

CBC News - Manitoba - Gang member guilty in Haiart killing

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CBC News - Manitoba - Gang member guilty in Haiart killing: "Winnipeg jury has found a 24-year-old Philippine man guilty of the killing of an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire of a violent drug dispute between two street gangs.
Jeff Cansanay was convicted Thursday evening of second-degree murder and three counts of discharging a firearm with intent to wound in the shooting death of Phil Haiart, the son of a city doctor.
He was acquitted of two counts of attempted murder.
Haiart, 17, died of a gunshot wound to the stomach after he was shot near the intersection of Sargent Avenue and Maryland Street on the night of Oct. 10, 2005.
The five-woman, seven-man jury believed that Cansanay fired shots intended for gang members outside a home at 606 McGee St. in the city's West End. The bullets missed their intended targets but one struck Haiart."

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


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4-19-10 3 MEN INVOLVED IN GANG FIGHT IN SEPT. 2009 SENTENCED TO 4YRS IN JAIL: "three young men admitted to taking part in a gang fight last September that left a 24-year-old Central Point man dead. Lucas Molina, 19, Guibran Ramirez, 20, and Sergio Meza, 19, each pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted second-degree assault and a riot charge for their roles in a fight at an apartment complex on Beatty Street. Each was sentenced to four and a half years in prison - 18 months for each charge - and two years of post-prison supervision. They were the final three suspects to appear in court for their roles in the Sept. 15 fight that led to Marco Antonio Diaz's death."

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Melbourne's Gangland War

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Melbourne's Gangland War

Monday, 19 April 2010

Seventeen MS-13 Gang Members Indicted in Long Island | Before It's News

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Seventeen MS-13 Gang Members Indicted in Long Island | Before It's News: "dozen alleged MS-13 gang members were indicted on Friday in connection with the murder of a Hempstead bouncer. The suspects are also facing federal racketeering, witness tampering, and firearms charges, according to a report released by the FBI on Friday.MS-13, which stands for La Mara Salvatrucha, has a strong presence in Long Island. The suspects were arraigned before the U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Boyle in Central Islip. Four of the men are being charged for the murder of a bouncer at the El Rancho Bar and Grill and potentially face life in prison or the death penalty. The other 13 suspects face charges ranging from attempted murder, assaults, and conspiracy to murder of rival gang members."

Mexico's Drug War Nears Capital -

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Mexico's Drug War Nears Capital - "Mexico's drug war is spreading uncomfortably close to the capital at a time when drug-related violence is spiraling out of control throughout the country.
Over the weekend, panic gripped the central city of Cuernavaca after alleged drug traffickers imposed a nighttime curfew on the city, which sits just an hour south of the capital. Cuernavaca, a city of one million, is a popular weekend retreat for Mexico City residents and is also well-known to Americans as a retirement spot and a place to learn Spanish.
On Friday, an e-mail from a purported drug gang warned residents to stay indoors past 8 p.m. 'We recommend you not go out to restaurants, bars, etc. because we might confuse you with our enemies,' said the e-mail, a copy of which was seen by The Wall Street Journal."

UK on alert after 'granny gun' gang feud - Local & National, News -

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UK on alert after 'granny gun' gang feud - Local & National, News - "Gardai have alerted British police about the possible danger of a west Dublin gangland feud overspilling into their jurisdiction.
The warning comes after last week's discovery of two handguns in the carry-on luggage of a 68-year-old grandmother at Dublin airport.
Gardai believe the woman was not aware the guns had been placed in her hand luggage and she has had no previous involvement in criminality."

Saturday, 17 April 2010

MS-13 members charged with series of violent crimes

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MS-13 members charged with series of violent crimes: "Federal prosecutors Friday charged members and associates of Long Island's largest street gang with a series of violent crimes including racketeering and murder - the second time in three weeks that authorities have carried out a large gang crackdown.
Seventeen members or associates of MS-13 were charged with the felonies, which also included conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder"

Friday, 16 April 2010

Inmate from Mafia-linked gang escapes in Ky. |

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Inmate from Mafia-linked gang escapes in Ky. | "Police were continuing Thursday night an intensive search in central Kentucky for a federal inmate who kicked his way out of a prison van and is described as dangerous.Versailles police spokesman Pat Melton said authorities began night operations at about 9:15 p.m. EDT as the manhunt for 37-year-old Derek A. Capozzi continued.
Melton said police were searching Woodford County and in the city of Lexington.
'Watch what you do. Lock your doors. And if you see something suspicious, call 911,' U.S. Marshal Craig Smith told WLKY-TV."

Editorial: Gang fued threatens the innocent | Adelaide Now

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Editorial: Gang fued threatens the innocent | Adelaide Now: "ARSON attacks, homemade bombs and drive-by shootings - Adelaide's worsening feud between the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the New Boys street gang threatens to spiral out of control. Yesterday morning's brazen firebombing of the Edwardstown house of a late Hells Angels member was the latest wanton act of violence to unfold in the two-year dispute.
While two Hells Angels associates died in a botched bombing attempt on a New Boys member in February, thankfully the bloodshed has yet to extend to uninvolved members of the public. However, if the bitter feud continues, it can be only a matter of time before an innocent life is lost or destroyed in the crossfire."

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Police: Gang linked to killing of store owner at Tel Aviv Central Bus Station - Haaretz - Israel News

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Police: Gang linked to killing of store owner at Tel Aviv Central Bus Station - Haaretz - Israel News: "solved the murder of a store owner at Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station in January. The police have arrested three members of what they say is a violent gang trying to take control of all the businesses in the area. On January 17, the police were alerted of a robbery at Alfa Club, a money-transfer shop at the bus station catering mostly to migrant workers. They found the store's owner, Aryeh Gazit, tied up and seriously injured. Around $230,000 had been stolen along with a computer containing footage taken by the shop's security cameras. Gazit died of his injuries 10 days later"

Gang fears put the wraps on Montreal strip club

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Gang fears put the wraps on Montreal strip club: "intended target in the shooting was the owner of the boutique, street gang leader Ducarme Joseph, 41, possibly as a response to the December killing of Nicolo (Nick) Rizzuto Jr., the son of reputed Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto.
Joseph slipped away from the shooting unharmed, but his close associate, Peter Christopoulos, 27, was one of the two fatalities.
A summons for the hearing detailed some of the thinking behind the police investigation of the boutique shooting. The Rizzuto murder is mentioned in passing, but police said that the slaying and the Aug. 21 killing of Frederico Del Peschio, 59, a close associate of Vito Rizzuto, are possibly related to the attempt on Joseph's life."

London gangs are aligning themselves to LA-based Bloods and Crips | The Sun |News

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London gangs are aligning themselves to LA-based Bloods and Crips | The Sun |News: "BRITAIN is becoming a battleground for the notorious Bloods and Crips gangs that once brought fear to Los Angeles.
Around a QUARTER of mobs in London now align themselves with the two crime networks.
The massive UK market for cocaine has led to second generation members launching a new 'front' here and in Spain.
A recent police census into gangs in the capital found 17 of 70 recognised crews are now Bloods or Crips."

Inside Out: New Fed Charges Allege Prison Gang’s Street Operations Infiltrate Nonprofit Anti-Gang Efforts | Baltimore City Paper

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Inside Out: New Fed Charges Allege Prison Gang’s Street Operations Infiltrate Nonprofit Anti-Gang Efforts | Baltimore City Paper: "“I need you down here. Cause I’m down here with the brothers, Meech and all them,” Todd Andrew Duncan tells someone known as “Killa” over his cell phone on the afternoon of March 27.
“Where at?” Killa asks. Duncan replies, “Down by my job.”
Duncan’s job was as a youth counselor for Communities Organized to Improve Life Inc. (COIL), a nonprofit whose mission is to provide job-skills training and anti-violence intervention in the West Baltimore neighborhoods it serves.
But law enforcers, who were listening in on Duncan’s conversation with Killa, say Duncan is also the city-wide commander for the Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) on the streets of Baltimore. The BGF, a nationwide prison gang known for its violence, radical political philosophy, and disciplined organization, has been increasingly noted in recent years for its influence outside of prison in Baltimore. Court documents say Duncan “was holding a BGF meeting at COIL,” whose office is located at 1200 W. Baltimore St., a block from the historic Hollins Market. Duncan was summoning Killa to the meeting."

TV girl receives death threats after three people are shot at her rap party | The Sun |News

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TV girl receives death threats after three people are shot at her rap party | The Sun |News: "Weeping model Donatella Panayiotou, 26, had hate calls after it emerged she may have been the gunman's intended target.
More than 600 revellers were at Donatella's rap music gig when a gunman opened fire with a 1,200-rounds-a-minute MAC-10.
DJ Werewolf, 23 - standing near Donatella - was hit four times in his chest and buttocks.
He is seriously ill in hospital, along with a woman, 21, who was shot in the back, and a man, 24, hit in the ankle.
Donatella told The Sun: 'I've had nasty phone calls and internet messages.
'They have been saying 'You're going to pay for what happened', 'People are hurt because of you', 'We're going to slash your throat' and 'You deserve to die'.'"

The Associated Press: Mexico's Zetas drug gang now in El Salvador

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The Associated Press: Mexico's Zetas drug gang now in El Salvador: "Mexico's Zeta drug gang has entered El Salvador and has made contact with local gangs in what appears to be an exploration of opportunities.
Funes says the gang already has extended its operations into Central America, operating in countries like Guatemala and Honduras. But he adds it is not clear whether the violent gang has set up shop yet in El Salvador.
Funes told reporters Wednesday that Central America needs a U.S. anti-drug aid plan designed specifically for the region. Mexico gets most of the $1.4 billion in U.S. anti-drug aid under the current Merida Initiative.
Mexican cartels have increasingly been using Central American as a transit point to ship drugs toward the U.S. market."

Deadly street shootout strikes fear in Acapulco -

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Deadly street shootout strikes fear in Acapulco - "chaotic shootout Wednesday on a hotel-lined boulevard in the beach resort city of Acapulco left as many as six people dead, Mexican authorities said.Federal police officers patrolling the area came under fire after they heard gunshots and saw attackers shooting at two men in a car, authorities said. The gunmen also shot at other vehicles as they tried to flee, riddling dozens of cars with bullet holes.
The victims included a woman and her 8-year-old daughter. No tourists appeared to have been killed. A federal officer was also slain during the shootout with gunmen, which erupted on busy Miguel Aleman Boulevard, the main tourist drag.Five people were wounded, according to public safety authorities in Guerrero state."

Mafia Shooting Trial: Giovanni Strangio Accused Of Killing Six Italians In 2007 Hit | World News | Sky News

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Mafia Shooting Trial: Giovanni Strangio Accused Of Killing Six Italians In 2007 Hit | World News | Sky News: "Giovanni Strangio was arrested in Amsterdam with his brother-in-law, also wanted for mob activity, in an international police operation.
The shootings in Duisberg, northwest Germany, in 2007, were described by police as the bloodiest episode in a long-running feud between the rival clans.
Giovanni Strangio followed the opening of his trial in the Calabrian town of Locri via video link from a prison in Rome."

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Man stabbed in back in gang attack -

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Man stabbed in back in gang attack - "man was stabbed twice in the back in a gang-related attack Monday night in Logan Heights, police said.
San Diego Police Sgt. David Jennings said the 31-year-old man was challenged by two rival gang members on Sampson Street near Ocean View Boulevard about 9:20 p.m.
He said the attackers stabbed him twice, and he was taken to a hospital with wounds that were not life-threatening.
Jennings said the police gang unit is investigating the attack."

Monday, 12 April 2010

Orosi 19-year-old shot in leg Saturday; gang officers seeking information | | Visalia Times-Delta and Tulare Advance-Register

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Orosi 19-year-old shot in leg Saturday; gang officers seeking information | | Visalia Times-Delta and Tulare Advance-Register: "-year-old Orosi man reported being shot in the leg Saturday.
The incident occurred in the 12700 block of Avenue 424, according to a Tulare County Sheriff’s Department report. No details of the incident — including the time it occurred — were provided.
The victim was treated at Kaweah Delta Medical Center and released"

Feds say Border Patrol vehicles being 'cloned' by Mexican smugglers | Washington Examiner

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Feds say Border Patrol vehicles being 'cloned' by Mexican smugglers | Washington Examiner: "Federal agents along the Texas border were warned by the Department of Homeland Security that Mexican drug cartels are using 'cloned' Border Patrol vehicles to smuggle drugs into the United States, according to documents obtain by the Washington Examiner.
The DHS report was sent to Border Patrol officials in Webb County, Texas, in March. It asked Border Patrol agents and local law enforcement officials to be on alert for 'a suspected cloned marked Crown Victoria' the same vehicle type used by the agents.
The alert was part of a 'significant incident report,' which contains information that is not to be made public or released to the media. A U.S. law enforcement Official, with knowledge of drug cartel operations along the border, said 'cloned vehicles pose a significant problem for both law enforcement and citizens.'
He said, 'It's especially dangerous since attacks against federal and local law enforcement agents has increased over the past year. The cartels are finding more innovative ways to move across the border and we have to be one step ahead of them.'"

Friday, 9 April 2010

Bikers' 'code of honour' brings cycle of violence to sedate Berlin - The Irish Times - Fri, Apr 09, 2010

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Bikers' 'code of honour' brings cycle of violence to sedate Berlin - The Irish Times - Fri, Apr 09, 2010: "700 Hells Angels in Germany, but no reliable figures for Berlin. The numbers keep changing because of their violent feud with the Bandidos.
Formed in Texas in 1966, the Bandidos is a much smaller organisation with about 2,400 members worldwide. A decade ago the organisation came to Germany and began recruiting Hells Angels – a move viewed as an affront in the older organisation, where membership is for life.
Since the killing of their newest member, Michael, in Berlin, the smaller gang has demonstrated just how seriously they take their motto: “God Forgives, Bandidos Don’t”.
The on-off feud between the two gangs has flared up like never before and has spread around the country. From Duisburg in the west to Leipzig in the east, police report night-time riots, shootings and all-out street battles between the two motorcycle gangs.
The violence has also spilled over into ordinary life. Last month in Berlin’s upmarket Steglitz neighbourhood, police were called to a bar that had been stormed by 12 Bandidos brandishing knives and axes, reportedly demanding protection money from the proprietor.
Most of the gang members escaped on their motorbikes but two were apprehended by police trying to flee in a Volkswagen Golf."

City Attorney Seeks An Injuction To Curb Rampant Drug Sales By Gangs, Criminals On Downtown’s Skid Row

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City Attorney Seeks An Injuction To Curb Rampant Drug Sales By Gangs, Criminals On Downtown’s Skid Row: "complaint names 80 individuals and one criminal street gang identified by law enforcement as the top narcotics dealers in the Recovery Zone area. Of the 80 individuals named, 56 have documented evidence of association with more than 30 of the area’s most notorious gangs. All named individuals in the complaint have also had three or more prior arrests for narcotics sales within the proposed of enforcement.
Terms of the proposed Central City Recovery Zone include provisions restricting named individuals from being present anywhere in the established geographic area of the Recovery Zone, from possessing narcotics, from possessing dangerous weapons, and from using other individuals for the purpose of soliciting narcotics sales.
The complaint includes 124 evidentiary declarations gathered over the course of several months by the City Attorney’s gang prosecutors from law enforcement experts to establish a long existing pattern of criminal conduct and unlawful business practices by the named defendants on Skid Row. According to the declarations, gang members from all over Los Angeles are known to travel to or in some cases move to downtown Los Angeles in order to sell narcotics to the less fortunate and vulnerable who are often times already addicted and seeking services, and subject to relapse.
Narcotics dealers commuting into the Central City Recovery Zone are known to engage directly in street sales of narcotics or use the addicted transient population to sell narcotics in exchange for their own drugs. Primary sites for dealers to loiter and conduct narcotics business include service provider locations, San Julian Park and Gladys Park."

Va. murder suspect had been allowed to leave juvenile jail to go to dentist

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Va. murder suspect had been allowed to leave juvenile jail to go to dentist: "teenager who was locked up on malicious wounding charges and had previous gun and gang convictions was allowed to leave jail with his mother for a dentist's appointment last fall with the approval of a Fairfax probation officer.
The 16-year-old did not return. Four months later, police allege that he took a baseball bat and fatally smashed open the head of a rival gang member in a Fairfax park and then fled to New York, where he was arrested last month. He has been charged with first-degree murder.
Three teenagers have been charged in the killing of Christian Perez, 16, of Lorton, who was found dead in Woodlawn Park on March 19. A Fairfax probation officer described the homicide in court Wednesday as a full-blown gang attack launched by members of MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha, in which two attackers were shouting 'Mara Salvatrucha!' as they repeatedly thumped Perez in the head and body with an aluminum bat."

70-year sentence for man who killed sleeping 6-year-old -

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70-year sentence for man who killed sleeping 6-year-old - "sentenced Mark A. Downs almost a year after a jury found him guilty of murdering Nicholas 'Nico' Contreras during a botched gang-retaliation shooting.
The crime shocked Aurora residents and produced a wave of anti-gang sentiment.
Downs, 33, was already serving time for a 2004 gang-related shooting when former gang members implicated him in Contreras' death. Witnesses at his trial said that on Nov. 10, 1996, Downs fired through a bedroom window into the home of the child's grandparents, thinking the boy's uncle, a gang rival, would be there.
The uncle, no longer lived at the house.
Instead, two of the shots hit the sleeping child."

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Keansburg man, ex-prison officer among 22 indicted in gang case | | Asbury Park Press

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Keansburg man, ex-prison officer among 22 indicted in gang case | | Asbury Park Press: "indictment charges Lewis Alford, 33, a.k.a. 'Killah LA,' of Keansburg, with promoting organized street crime for the Nine Trey Hillside Beehive set of the Bloods.The set's founder and leader, Clarence Scott, 35, directed the gang from New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, where he is serving a life sentence for murder, according to state Attorney General Paula T. Dow and Stephen J. Taylor, director of the Division of Criminal Justice.Former New Jersey State Prison corrections officer Brian Teel of Trenton is charged in the indictment handed up late Tuesday by a Mercer County grand jury with taking a $500 payment for smuggling a cell phone to Scott."

Bloods street gang leader walking into the Raleigh, N.C. motel's parking lot

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night after busting out of the Osceola County Jail, Rigby eluded a nationwide search by spending the night with a woman in a North Carolina motel.Surveillance video shows the 21-year-old Bloods street gang leader walking into the Raleigh, N.C. motel's parking lot about 26 hours after his Feb. 19 escape, according to a broadcast last weekend of America's Most Wanted TV program on the Fox network.
Dressed in white slacks and a military-style camouflage jacket, Rigby walked into the motel lobby at 2:12 a.m. within feet of a security guard watching television. The security guard, who was watching television, noticed Rigby walk in and then went back to his TV show.The next scene shows Rigby walking arm-in-arm with an unidentified woman along the front of the motel.Rigby is wanted on escape charges and five counts of attempted murder for a shooting at a Bloods party last summer in Poinciana, near the Osceola-Polk county line. The Bloods are one of about 20 street gangs in Osceola County. Members of the Bloods are linked to an unsolved murder last fall.The video was supplied by the U.S. Marshals Service which is tracking Rigby. The car Rigby was found abandoned in Elizabeth, N.J. The search for Rigby continues.
"We're continuing to follow up leads and tips we received from America's Most Wanted," U.S. Marshals' spokesman Daniel Winfield said Wednesday.

4 wounded in attack at S.F. home's garage

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4 wounded in attack at S.F. home's garage: "Four people were wounded, one critically, when a man fired into a garage in Visitacion Valley Wednesday morning in what police believe was a gang-related attack.
Just after 10 a.m., at 83 Arleta St., the gunman walked up and opened fire, said San Francisco police spokesman Officer Albie Esparza. Ten shell casings were found at the scene.
Three of the victims - two men and a woman - suffered less severe injuries but another man suffered life-threatening wounds, Esparza said. All were taken to San Francisco General Hospital.
The gunman was described as a teenager who fired and then got into a waiting vehicle - a brown SUV or minivan - and fled.
Officer Samson Chan, also a department spokesman, said the shooting may be gang-related."

Gang member wanted in ex-girlfriend's kidnapping | bertagna, castellon, girlfriend - News - The Orange County Register

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Gang member wanted in ex-girlfriend's kidnapping | bertagna, castellon, girlfriend - News - The Orange County Register: "Rudy Castellon is suspected of going to his ex-girlfriend's parents' house around 6:30 p.m. Monday and banging on the front door asking for her, said Santa Ana Cpl. Anthony Bertagna.
The woman's mother came to the door and told him he was not allowed in, Bertagna said. That's when Castellon is accused of displaying a handgun and trying to force his way into the house.
His 23-year-old ex-girlfriend, fearing for her mother, came to the door to talk to Castellon, Bertagna said.
There was yelling and the ex-girlfriend asked her family repeatedly to call the police. Castellon is accused of pushing the woman down the street and yelling, 'Go, before the cops get here!' Bertagna said.
Officers were sent to the home in the 2300 block of North Jetty Drive near Trask Avenue and started searching for the woman and her alleged kidnapper, Bertagna said.
The woman returned home around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, Bertagna said. Detectives did not release details on where she was allegedly held.
Castellon is wanted on suspicion of kidnapping and inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, Bertagna said.
Castellon has three warrants for his arrest stemming from grand theft, arson and violating a court order, Bertagna said.
Police don't believe Castellon owns a car."

Sweep targets Pico Rivera gang - Whittier Daily News

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Sweep targets Pico Rivera gang - Whittier Daily News: "served a search warrant at one home then went to four other residences to check if members of Rivera 13 were complying with the conditions of their parole and probation.
Deputies said the gang's activities increased recently. One member, Rudy Ruiz of Whittier, was tied last year to the June 27 shooting outside Falcone's Pizza that left three men dead and seven people wounded.
Ruiz and Canta Ranas gang member John Perez of Pico Rivera have been charged with the killings. Detectives haven't revealed the motive for the fatal shootings, which happened during a fundraiser by a local motorcycle group. Detectives said the men killed and the motorcycle group don't have gang ties.
Since those murders, the gang has been involved in several killings, shootings and drug trafficking, according to sheriff's Sgt. Mark Bailey of Operation Safe Streets, the department's gang unit.
He attributed the gang's hike in criminal activity to clashes with other Pico Rivera gangs.
'It's just been rival gangs. That's all we've been able to establish at this point,' he said.
But he said the parolees and probationers they checked Wednesday weren't wanted suspects.
One team arrested a 17-year-old on suspicion of violating his probation and for possession of drug paraphernalia after meth pipes were found in his house.
At a second location, another team arrested parolee Gregory Martinez, 34, on charges that include possession of a loaded firearm and being a felon in possession of a firearm. They also recovered a .22-caliber revolver at the house and some meth, Bailey said.
A rifle was recovered at a third location along with ammunition."

Monday, 5 April 2010

bikie wars positions some of the gangs at the precipice of collapse.

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Sydney is the biggest generator of dirty money and ancillary shooting, stabbing and kneecapping. In the past decade there has been an average of about eight murders a year that can be seen to have organised crime and Sydney connections. If the marksmen were more efficient the number would as much as double.
Violent episodes of drive-by shootings, bashings and woundings stain police intelligence reports like blood spatter.Brown's character in Two Hands seemed to step from the shadow of Lennie McPherson. For a time, as is the convention, he appeared to be untouchable.The first explanation for his longevity is he was like so many of them, a fizgig or informant.Ron Woodham, the veteran NSW Commissioner for Corrective Services, confirms McPherson's assistance, recalling his 1981 give up of the most famous stick up man and escape artist of his day, Darcy Dugan.Over time if you are, like McPherson, an able crook, you can cross into a world of quasi legitimacy.Such is the aura of power, other criminals pay a routine tax for operating in your territory.Without lifting a finger fees are paid to open entertainment venues such as nightclubs, and collect operating taxes.In the old days there was a quid in loan sharking, standover, sly grog, girls, gambling, shoplifting, gear nicked from the docks, nobbling of briefs and organising armed holdups.

Kings Cross was and remains a visible epicentre, with business and market share reaching well into the suburbs. McPherson, who had come from Balmain and won his degree in thuggery at Grafton jail, went home to a fortress in middle-class Gladesville

Crims have long liked to kid themselves they operated to their owns rules and moral code, respecting rivals' territory and keeping a kind of peace.According to another veteran, former assistant commissioner Clive Small, McPherson was the style of gangster who saw violence as bad for business, taking care to keep conspicuous bloodshed off the front page. Crooks and cops would even take the initiative and eliminate mad-dog criminals who trespassed beyond an understood order.They were good at kidding themselves how civilised they were and how, for example, the likes of Neddy Smith would never deal drugs.But by the 80s they were tripping over themselves to sell and snort their own product, because drugs meant money and money meant power.

When a newer Mr Big, Bill Bayeh of Hunters Hill, assumed the throne at Kings Cross, according to a partner in crime corrupt detective Trevor Haken, Bayeh was the biggest heroin and cocaine supplier along the golden mile. There was a percentage everywhere with the nightclubs proving an ideal market to move drugs.It works like this. Beneficial ownership becomes very difficult to trace but that does stop a huge whack of door payments funnelling back, along with commissions from dealers.Policing the scene becomes next to impossible as the dealers blend indivisibly into the crowd.
There was a time when having a high profile could help the entrepreneurial crook.
As was the case with Lennie McPherson, a widespread belief that he ran things and could get you killed meant that copious cash flowed his way from all manner of business, without there being any direct and conspicuous connection to criminality.
A force field ripples outward from the question "don't you know who runs this place?", keeping competition at bay.There is a cost, too. The cycle does have a way of turning.Both McPherson and Bayeh ultimately fell. As we saw, the higher the profile the harder it was for crooked police to ensure protection and the easier it became for honest police to secure arrests.The Wood Royal Commission was meant to end the era of police franchising selected criminals. Frank Mennilli rejects the proposition that in the modern era any figure may be considered untouchable.
Police Minister Michael Daley said there is no doubt there is less crime and corruption following the Wood Royal Commission. The most recent figures from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research shows that crime is falling or stable in all 17 crime categories across the Kings Cross local area command.But the dangers of becoming a bigger target at the Cross don't all come from the police.
The Golden Mile is still prized territory. The Comancheros and Bandidos certainly think so.

the Ibrahim family.The signs are everywhere. The King is under siege.Succession planning is under way.A veteran of the scene, NSW Police State Crime Command director Ken McKay, said: "There is a push by other groups for more power."The Ibrahim empire is seen to be in decline as a rival family with obligatory bikie links has moved to challenge the current order.Recently, the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang has made its presence felt in the Cross.The major suspect in the Fadi shooting comes from the Comanchero camp. There is fear of further bloodshed.When police asked John Ibrahim about the challenges to his hold on power, he is said to have dismissed his rivals as "just gronks who won't last three months".When a senior Comanchero was asked why the challenge to the King, he replied: "It is just his turn."Crooked police once described the streets of the Cross as paved with gold. Go there on any midnight and you will see why.Business legitimate and otherwise thrives, driven by hordes of wide-eyed pleasure seekers.Police Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli said: "Unfortunately, there are some elements of criminals who prey on areas where there are high volumes of people."One among those high volumes is long-term Kings Cross resident and founding head of the National Crime Authority Justice Donald Stewart.He has cause every day to lament his own and others' failure to morally renovate the Cross.Over time he came to the view that it was handy for both criminals and police to concentrate their endeavours. Having served a kind of apprenticeship with the old generation of crims like Bill Bayeh and George Freeman, John Ibrahim, 39, of Dover Heights, has the status of The King.Although once described in the Wood Royal Commission as the lifeblood of the drug trade in the Cross, he has no criminal convictions.He can - and does - claim with credibility that his enterprise is legitimate. Where incredulity settles is around those massive bodyguards who shadow him.Legitimate businessmen don't normally need that kind of protection. Ibrahim did not want to comment for this piece but he has consistently denied the charges of connection to any form of criminality.According to senior police sources, the black suit and sunglasses, the Lamborghini and nightclub accoutrements, have given rise to a perception in recent years that the Ibrahims were soft, which in John's case does not seem to be true.Although, as one police insider who has watched the lifecycle of the Cross said, a major difference of those involved is they are more likely to hire muscle than exercise their own.
Managing the profile of those who rule Sydney after dark would be a challenge to the best of the city's public relations firms.John Ibrahim has expressed a desire to retreat from the dazzle of publicity. It does not seem to be working that well.An aura of power generates money that assists protection. But as competition erodes sources of revenue, that shrinks too.Curiously, it was ever thus, the Cross seeming to need its figureheads. Before John and Bill and George there was Lennie. The best-known Mr Big, the late Lennie McPherson ruled the Cross for most of the 1960s and 1970s.His era is already ancient history as organised crime continues to evolve. The new networks now operate in a marketplace that stretches well beyond Kings Cross, and for that matter Australia.The Mr Big or Godfather model has been superseded by a flat corporate structure.Now, a chief executive figure uses agents to broker supply mostly from Asia. Business is compartmentalised, with bikie gangs tasked for enforcement and distribution and money managers contracted to shift and hide profits.
In the McPherson era the net worth of a crime boss was estimated at about $10 million at any one time.Now criminals with no known profile can generate more than double that profit with a single importation of drugs.No one has an exact figure.
The Australian Crime Commission estimates between $3 billion and $6 billion of dirty money is washed away each year, with most of the laundering going through Sydney.
So the law enforcement battleground has also come to share a larger stage. Just as the criminals are becoming more corporate, so are the cops. New co-operative strategies - largely pioneered by the ACC - have begun to produce important arrests.
In more than a quarter of a century reporting crime I have long thought that Bryan Brown's portrait of a Sydney hoodlum, Pando, in the movie Two Hands was the most accurate so far.Brown's gangster wore Yakka shorts and drove a Falcon. He carried wads of cash and thumped people. He was born of the streets, paying no heed to fashion.Like the city that bred him he did not need to be known as big and bad - because he just was.Despite Brisbane's takeover of the cops back in the 1980s, and the faux Sopranos push in Melbourne of the 1990s, Sydney has no trouble hanging on to the dubious crown of being Australia's crime capital.It is the largest centre for incoming container traffic, estimated to account for 70 per cent of bulk drug caches that enter the country.It is also the biggest distribution point, a hub of other criminal economies, notably Adelaide and Perth. Last month, arrests in Perth that as much as took out a nascent chapter of the Comancheros, can be traced to two seizures of 7kg of methamphetamine dispatched from the crime capital.

Two Hells Angels and one member of the Mongols, a rival motorcycle gang, were killed in a massive brawl on Harrah's casino floor

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Two Hells Angels and one member of the Mongols, a rival motorcycle gang, were killed in a massive brawl on Harrah's casino floor that night. Dozens of bikers on each side of the rivalry were arrested. Many more, including innocent bystanders, were injured.Dobyns, an undercover federal agent and one of the few law enforcement officials to infiltrate the legendary motorcycle gang, remembers the mood of his "brothers" at the Flamingo, a little more than a mile from Harrah's, immediately after the incident.
"You could sense the frigging impending doom hanging over the crowd that night. You could tell the anxiety and tension, and it was like you could cut it, touch it," said Dobyns, 48. "That was the culmination of a 25-year feud with the Mongols coming to a head, man. You had fire with the Hells Angels there, gasoline with the Mongols there, and it was gonna go."In November and March, the Hells Angels became newsworthy in Nevada again when several Sin City clubhouses were raided by the Metropolitan Police Department's Criminal Intelligence Section.The November raids concerned "documents, and images, which tend to show the organization, membership, and structure of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club," according to warrants. Police said the investigation involved two Mongols stabbed at a downtown wedding chapel, possibly by members of the Hells Angels, in 2008.In the March raids, search warrants were issued for items alleged to have been stolen from a local Salvation Army donation site, including handguns and vehicles, police said.In both instances, no gang members were arrested and police kept specifics of the case to themselves. An attorney who represents Angels indicated in the November investigation said he would only comment after he spoke to his clients. He did not call back.In November, some neighbors of the Hells Angels Sin City Chapter clubhouse on Torrey Pines Drive told Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith that the police made more of a disturbance than the Angels."They've been really great," neighbor Geri O'Connor told Smith. "There hasn't been any disturbance or anything.
"It gets a little loud," she added. "But it's nothing more than the average party."
So why, despite the gang's propensity for violence and constant investigations from police, are the Hells Angels not scrutinized in the same light as a street gang?
Criminal Intelligence Lt. Dave Logue said that, as far as police are concerned, motorcycle gangs operate in the same fashion as street gangs. The two Hells Angels chapters (they're affiliated, but have different members and leaders) in Las Vegas fight rival gangs over turf or colors, they deal drugs and guns and intimidate local businesses.The difference is organization and image, Logue said. The Hells Angels do not hide from the public, like members of the Crips and Bloods might.They have Web sites for each chapter. They have clubhouses with logos on their door, and wear vests with the gang's patch on the back. And they even sponsor charity events, he said."They would have you believe they're good for the community, because they do toys for tot runs, charity runs," Logue said. "But their criminal activity and violence far outweigh any good they do."Dobyns, who worked the Hells Angels undercover operation in Arizona for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from 2001 and 2003, said the gang's propaganda machine is enormous.
The Angels began expansion in the late 1940s and early 1950s and have become a staple of "Americana," Dobyns said, just as Al Capone, Jesse James and John Dillinger managed to do."They're very good at putting themselves in the public eye as rebellious, patriotic guys who are full of good will but won't conform to the rules," he said.But when you peel back the onion and draw closer to the core, you start to realize the truth, he said."I was on a toy run for kids, and the same guy who had a teddy bear strapped to his motorcycle was doing a meth deal in the bathroom," he said.In one of the more extreme examples, Dobyns said he remembers one Hells Angel joking with citizens at a charity event, spreading the "message of goodness" of the gang, a week after he killed a woman at a club and covered up the death."He's shaking hands and kissing babies, when weeks before he brutally murdered an innocent girl," Dobyns said.Dobyns said the ATF's investigation resulted in dozens of arrests and many convictions (although "too many" members were given plea deals by prosecutors, which still irks Dobyns) of top members of the Hells Angels' organizations in the southwest United States.But many members he called "friends" while undercover continue to walk the streets and avoid prosecution, several of whom were active participants in the River Run riot and openly brag about their involvement, he said."When you live that life, you're crossing paths with those kind of events all the time," Dobyns said. "They (Hells Angels) form conclusions on violence and intimidation."It's difficult for police to gather valuable information on the organization, he said, because of the strict guidelines for membership and an ironclad grip on information flow from the top members of the gang.Dobyns was undercover more than a year before he was promoted to full member, he said -- and that was only after he fabricated the death of a Mongol, photographing a homemade murder scene and taking a bloodstained biker jacket to leaders in order to prove his loyalty, he said."Most people, when you show 'em pictures of a butchered body and bring back a vest with bloodstains on it, like the things we did, a normal person runs the other way dialing 911 at the same time," he said.
"I was getting kisses and hugs, the full embrace. They threw a vest on my back and said, 'You're a Hells Angel now, dude, you showed what it takes.'"A few days after the fake murder, the case was closed, raids were executed, and arrests were made.
Dr. Tom Barker, a criminal justice and police studies professor at Eastern Kentucky University and a renowned researcher on motorcycle gangs, said the Hells Angels operate with the same level of secrecy as the mafia.Like the mafia, Hells Angels members are required to earn money for the gang, and, also like the mafia, use "puppet clubs" and associates, instead of members, to do most of the gang's dirty work.
This insulates the top members from potential prosecution, he said.
"If you have 30 made members of an organization, and each one has 10 associates that work for him and does his bidding, now you're talking about a gang the size of 300 members," Barker said.Dobyns has personally witnessed this strategy, he said.A Las Vegas Hells Angel introduced Dobyns to an associate of the club who had bombs, assault weapons and rocket launchers for sale, he said. The associate wasn't a full-fledged member, but he often worked with the crew, he said.Although his experience was limited in Las Vegas, Dobyns said he knew of prostitution, theft, weapons and drug operations taking place at Arizona's next-door neighbor. Las Vegas has more than enough legal vice to cater to the biker lifestyle, he said."They're some rough boys in Vegas," he said. "They're a no-nonsense crew, and they're takers. If they can't get something, whether they have to lie or steal, they'll get it."
Whether the pending investigations in Las Vegas will find success is unknown, but Barker said that local law enforcement has had mixed success nationally combatting motorcycle gangs.Barker said the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, which allows the government to prosecute an entire organization rather than a single person, is one of the few ways law enforcement has found success against the Hells Angels.But with more than 200 chapters that cover the United States, Canada and even Europe, Barker said it will take more than a few cases to slow the Hells Angels expansion. There are an estimated 2,000 to 2,500 members in the world, he said."There are actually more chapters of the gang outside the U.S. than inside," he said.Hells Angels have argued that the RICO Act does not apply to their organization, as they aren't a criminal enterprise; they're just a bunch of guys around the world who share a love of riding motorcycles.
Dobyns doesn't see it that way."The thing is, they wear that patch," he said. "You can say you're individually not involved in criminal activity, not selling drugs or running guns or prostitutes, or extorting people."But even if you aren't into that, you still benefit from the reputation of violence and intimidation the club carries when they wear that patch. And that's as big a problem as any we face."

Gangbangers marauded through Times Square and nearby streets last night, storming businesses and harrassing pedestrians

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Gangbangers marauded through Times Square and nearby streets last night, storming businesses and harrassing pedestrians as three people were shot in possibly related violence. Hundreds of cops struggled to disperse the youths. Police made 54 arrests on a variety of charges, including disorderly conduct.One man was shot in the ankle on West 41st Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Early this morning two people were shot at 34th Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Their conditions were not immediately known. Twenty young men were seen fleeing the scene.
CHAOS: An injured cop is borne off on a stretcher in Times Square last night, as others tend to a man who was shot in the ankle during the Easter "Gang Initiation Day."

And a woman was hit by a bb pellet at West 51st Street and Seventh Avenue. Her wound was not life-threatening, authorities said. Police were trying to determine whether the three incidents were related to the disturbances. A cop trying to break up a rowdy group of youths outside the police substation at West 42nd Street was taken away on a stretcher after he sustained a knee injury. "This kind of nonsense [on Easter night] has been going on for the five years I've been here," said a security guard at a business on West 42nd Street, who asked not to be identified. "The police try to maintain the crowd, but while one side of the street is maintained, on the other side of the street, a fight breaks out." At least 30 people, including seven juveniles, were arrested by early this morning In past years, the NYPD and businesses have beefed up security in the area on Easter Sunday, which has become known in certain circles as "Gang Initiation Day." In previous years, the youths, many sporting their gangs' colors, gathered first at the Auto Show at the Javits Center and then made their way to Times Square. But this year, there was no gang activity at the show, and the youths went straight to Times Square. Cops were waiting, but had their hands full trying to stop them. "There's a lot of young kids outside in groups of 15 to 20 people, and police are running to catch them," said Mohammed Dar, who manages a restaurant on West 42nd Street. "Kids come in cursing at employees and we ask them to leave." An employee at another restaurant said, "You will see them get into little spats, but cops are right on top of them. They're doing a very good job. I feel as safe as I can be here." A worker at a newsstand said, "There's a lot of crazy people over here." Witnesses said police pushed the youths west on 42nd Street to Eighth Avenue, and then downtown to get them to disperse. Several businesses closed early once the trouble started.

Friday, 2 April 2010

five people were killed during a battle between an armed gang and Mexican army soldiers Friday morning.

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five people were killed during a battle between an armed gang and Mexican army soldiers Friday morning.The shootout occurred early Friday morning in the Lomas de Jarachina Sur neighborhood on the southwest side of Reynosa. Information about possible casualties among soldiers was not disclosed.Friday morning's fatalities pile onto what has been a violent week in Tamaulipas' border cities. Authorities have now confirmed at least 25 fatalities among armed people battling authorities across the region since Tuesday. Authorities have said the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas — the two dominant drug smuggling groups in the region — have been fighting each other and authorities as the once-allied cartels now vie for control over smuggling routes into the United States. Federal police continue to investigate Friday's battle.

Violence is rapidly escalating in Vancouver as the city moves towards the 2010 Olympics

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RS member or an associate or linked to it somehow, YOUR GONNA BE NEXT TO GET SHOT
8 RS guys down including 3 teens and a women

first victim is already in the ambulance as police and paramedics scramble to stabilize the injured and lock down the area. Violence is rapidly escalating in Vancouver as the city moves towards the 2010 Olympics. Since winning the bid in 2003 local law enforcement has cracked down hard on the illegal drug industry. Gangs feel overwhelming pressure which has caused turf conflicts that result in a dramatic increase in hit style shootings on the street and in restaurants. Citizens are concerned because hits occur anywhere and anytime from early morning at public schools to late at night at expensive restaurants or nightclubs

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