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Sunday, 5 June 2011

captured Victor Manuel Perez Izquierdo, aka The Seven cans,

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an official statement issued by the Ministry of Public Security, announced that elements of the Federal Police on Thursday captured Victor Manuel Perez Izquierdo, aka The Seven cans, who before his arrest was dedicated to bringing the leader of Los Zetas the state of Quintana Roo.

The captured 30 years old, went through a checkpoint of the Federal Police, officers were able to see that he was armed, and the Zeta tried to flee, but was unsuccessful. The subject was seized a rifle AR-15, a magazine , 21 cartridges, 100 doses of cocaine, 32 bundles of marijuana, seven radio equipment, a scale, a banknote counting machine, a vehicle, among other things.

The Seven Tin was transferred to Mexico City, where he remained available to the Office of Special Investigations on Organized Crime.

Had been captured and let go ...

However, once again shows that the authorities sometimes yield to the orders of criminal groups, as in September 2009, The Seven cans, was captured in Playa del Carmen, by members of the Municipal Preventive Police, when was a known and prestigious hotel in the company of two more gunmen, and his boss, the then leader of the Zetas in the Riviera Maya, identified as Jose Francisco Murillo Barajas, alias Commander Murillo. According to reports the four detainees were brought before the Attorney General's Office in Cancun, which were in possession of a large arsenal also had committed drug crimes, extortion, kidnapping, and multiple executions.

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