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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mexican Army were at a checkpoint located on Highway Xalapa-Veracruz

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Mexican Army were at a checkpoint located on Highway Xalapa-Veracruz, was well aware that men are suspects to stop, but did not respond favorably.

The suspects attacked the military was so intense persecution began.Military and elements of the Ministry of Security State Public Veracruz, staged an intense battle, which ended at the same height of the Lencero this in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata .

Authorities decided to close the circulation of Xalapa-Veracruz highway, so that innocent people were not affected by the shooting.Thanks to social networks could realize many of the area was at risk.

The situation provoked fear among civilians, yet they achieved good results , and that 11 gunmen were killed and eight others were able to capture.In addition also seized weapons and vehicles, among other things.

Up to now know the identity of the gunmen killed, and captured.

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