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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Springfield police say that three men were wounded Monday in a North End shooting they believe stemmed from a gang dispute.

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Springfield Police Sergeant John Delaney says the three victims, Justin Garafa, 21, Alberto Nieves, 20, and Geovanni Saldana, 18, all have ties to various North End gangs.

Nieves was shot in the abdomen and Saladana was shot in the chest. Both are listed in stable condition and are expected to recover, as is Garafa, who was shot in the ankle.

Police were called to Baystate Medical Center’s emergency room around 10:45 Monday night, after the victims were brought there. Delaney says that no one had called the police during the shooting, Garaffa would not talk, and detectives had to investigate to find out that it had happened near the corner of Greenwich and Huntington Streets. 18 shell casings were found in that area.

While the victim was being treated, a large crowd had gathered outside the waiting room, and was creating a commotion. Police and hospital security were able to break up the disturbance, but Delaney says Aisha Kuilan, 17, of Springfield refused to leave. He says that Kuilan swung at officers, and was swearing, shouting, and flashing gang signs.

She has been charged with being a disorderly person, and will be arraigned in Springfield District Court.

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