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Sunday, 10 July 2011

intense fighting in La Piedad, Michoacán, as members of the Knights Templar attacked the base of the Federal Police

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in the town, the bloody outcome of the battle can be seen in the picture The gunmen burst the police building, were about 50 trucks of the Knights Templar , which generated an intense shootout and grenade attack. Reports said that the armed group tried to run to Miguel Angel Rosas and 30 elements of the Federal Police who were sleeping in the police building. It was almost an hour of confrontation, it alerted the public and that the intense blasts were unmistakable. On the site were over five thousand rounds of ammunition casings. The place was practically destroyed.In the action three gunmen were killed, they were identified as Cortez Fabian Rios, 23; Epigmenio Infante Hernandez, 30, and Pedro Cortez Ramirez 18. In addition seven elements of the Federal Police also lost their lives and three others were wounded. That event was the one that triggered the wave of clashes that occurred a few days in several municipalities in Michoacan, the area has become a war zone.

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