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Sunday, 10 July 2011

A woman who witnessed a man being shot in her house in a punishment-style attack has blasted the perpetrators as “faceless scum”.

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A group of masked gunmen entered a house in Londonderry and shot a 36-year-old man in both legs late on Thursday night.

The man is recovering in hospital and his injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

However, the woman who owns the house and a young man with Downs Syndrome had to be treated for shock.

Siobhan McGinley, who lives at the house in the Lecky Road, slammed the horror attack.

She said: “It was terrible, just terrible, they came in and shot my friend Packie. They are low lifes – faceless scum.

“They came in and had their guns out and Packie said, ‘Take this outside, don't do anything in front of wee Michael' because he has Downs and is really sensitive. But they just pushed Packie back down in the chair and shot him seven times.

“Then they left as calm as you like, but Michael was in hysterics. He was squealing.”

“Packie didn't say too much – he was in shock, we all were.

“He just kept saying sorry to us over and over, but the boys that did this didn't think about us or wee Michael.

“I am in pieces and I called to see how Michael is doing and he is just crying and crying.

“This is a disgrace and they are scum for doing it, no one deserves to be shot like that.”

The shooting has been condemned by local Sinn Fein councillor Patrica Logue, who said there was no justification for anyone taking the law into their own hands.

She said: “This is the last thing this community needs – masked men skulking around in the dark of night.

“It was very traumatic for Siobhan and the people in the house and they don't need this.

“The Lecky Road has a high number of elderly residents and young families, and people just want to be left in peace.

“This kind of vigilantism solves nothing.”

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