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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

BULLET fired at suspected gangster Mark Duggan by a police marksman went right THROUGH him, it was reported last night.

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The round was said to have passed out and ended up lodged in the radio of a colleague of the gun cop.

The entry and exit of the bullet - known in policing terms as "over penetration" - raised new doubts over exactly what happened when Mr Duggan, 29, was shot dead by police last week.

Officers fired twice at the father of four in Tottenham but only one shot hit him.

Originally it was reported that he had fired first but uncertainty over the incident was growing last night.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is carrying out ballistic tests on the bullet found lodged in the CO19 officer's radio, with results "anticipated" within the next 24 hours.

The Met introduced new ammunition, in the form of 9mm hollow-point bullets, in May. The rounds are supposed to flatten and widen on impact - causing maximum damage to vital organs - and be less likely to splinter and harm bystanders.

In a TV interview Mr Duggan's fiancée Semone Wilson accused cops of hiding the truth. She said: "Something went wrong and to me it seems like they're trying to cover it up. I've got so many questions I've asked them and they've given me nothing.

"If he had a gun in his hand why didn't they shoot his hand to disarm him?"

Ms Wilson also complained that initially there was no contact "at all" from the police to inform his parents that he had been shot.

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