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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Gang members are caught after boasting about murders on Facebook

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GANG MEMBERS were caught by police after boasting about murders on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, according to US authorities. According to Reuters, 43 feuding New York gang members were arrested on Thursday by police investigating three murders. The evidence to arrest the gang was based on monitoring what they were saying on the social networks, authorities said. New York police commissioner Raymond Kelly said that the 18 accused members of Hoodstarz and the 25 from its rival the Wave Gang had been involved in shootouts that led to three people being killed and several others injured. The 15 to 21 year old gang members then boasted about the incidents on social networking web sites. Officers were able to link the boastful web postings to active cases and other crimes to build their cases, Kelly said. The 43 gang members were indicted on Thursday on charges including murder, assault, reckless endangerment, robbery and weapon possession. They are facing sentences that range from a year to life in prison. Brooklyn district attorney Charles Hynes said that authorities will be going after gangs in other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

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