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Saturday, 25 February 2012

police say hundreds involved in gangwar

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Police said hundreds of people were involved and four have been arrested in a fight at a Ripley, Tennessee apartment complex Thursday night. Police converged on the apartment complex on Gay Street twice Thursday. "We got the phone call at four o'clock," said Ripley City Attorney Steve Crain.  "Thought we had it taken care of at 5:30.  Had another outbreak." Investigators estimate a crowd of 300 people were in the area during the outbreak of fights. "I mean, anywhere you go, it's violence," said Gay Street resident LaShay Taylor.  "It don't make any sense at all.  I'm just speechless." Residents said they have grown accustomed to problems in the community. "It's these gangs," said Gay Street resident Corey Pearson.  "So we need to get a grip on these gangs." Gangs reportedly use the street as a battle ground and often come there specifically to fight. "Gang problems have come from the major cities and they have invaded small towns like Ripley," said Crain.  "You run up and down Highway 51 and every city is going to have some gang-related issues." Ripley police found at least one loaded gun and arrested three adults and one juvenile. "It was handled with no gunfire, no known injuries," said Crain.  "There were four arrests.  I can't go much further than that because the investigation is ongoing." Police said other arrests are likely and they plan to provide extra patrols throughout the apartment complex. "We are trying to head off anything," said Crain.  "Anytime you've had an incident like this, there's a possibility there may be another outbreak." Friday, Gay Street residents said they are fed up with violence in their community. "I got two little boys, and they can't even come outside and enjoy it," said Amelia Taylor.  "They've got to come in the house as soon as night hit, because somebody might shoot.  No telling what might go on around here." Gay Street residents said they are still recovering from the disastrous night. "It was chaos," said Kim Langley.  "It was crazy."

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