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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tempe nightclub owner arrested after gang shooting

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 police have arrested the owner of the Clubhouse Music Venue, where a gang-related shootout last week left 16 people injured, authorities said. Owner Eugenia Ruven, who was cited and released Friday, is facing a misdemeanor charge for violations of the venue’s security plan, according to Lt. Mike Horn, a Tempe police spokesman. While investigating the shooting, police determined the Clubhouse, on Broadway Road between Rural Road and McClintock Drive, was “inconsistent” in maintaining security personnel and preventing loitering and alcoholic consumption in the parking lot, Horn said. “We’re not seeing them taking the steps they need to take,” he said. “We have some concerns.” Authorities also revoked the bar’s security plan, tied to its Tempe business permit, giving Ruven five days to appeal the action. Horn said the venue has “clearly not been following” the security plan, which includes posting “no loitering” and “no alcohol consumption” signs in the parking lot, requiring cameras at all sales locations, entrances and patios, and a 6-foot barrier between underage patrons and others. Authorities said the city must make a decision on the appeal within 10 days, and if the revocation is upheld, each subsequent day the venue operates is a separate criminal charge. The Clubhouse can stay open during the appeal process. The venue did not return calls made seeking comment. An employee at the neighboring Horse & Hound Sports Grill, also owned by Ruven, declined to comment. Also Friday, Tempe police said a 16th victim has been identified and sustained non-life-threatening injuries during the March 2 shooting, described by police as a gun battle between rival gangs. At the time of the incident, more than 250 people were inside the venue and an estimated 300 people were waiting outside to see rapper Nipsy Hussle, whom Tempe police said is a member of the Crips street gang. Hussle has since released a statement that he was in a hotel when shots were fired and that he deplores gun violence. Police are continuing their search for two suspects believed to be members of the Phoenix-based Crips or Bloods chapters. A third suspect, Raynon Jones, 19, of Tempe, a documented Vista Blood, has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault and one count of assisting a street gang, police said.

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