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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Jamie Stevenson was the first Scots gang boss brought down by secret bugs.

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Jamie Stevenson

The 3500 hours of taped calls and chats – including recordings made while he was lying low in his flat in Amsterdam – were crucial in forcing him to strike a deal to plead guilty.

Transcripts revealed Stevenson and his mob speaking in code about drug consignments and laundering 
millions of pounds.

While Stevenson’s prosecution was the first in which bugged conversations were used as evidence, “intrusive surveillance” techniques have now become a common tool in the fight against organised crime.

They were used in 151 cases in Scotland last year – 95 of which involved drugs and 30 murder, UK chief 
surveillance officer Sir Christopher Rose said.

Bugs were also used to convict Daniel mob hitmen Raymond Anderson and James McDonald for the murder of Michael Lyons, 21.

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