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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Another home has been shot up in Sydney’s west, making it the seventh shooting in six days

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Another home has been shot up in Sydney’s west, making it the seventh shooting in six days, but the occupants have chosen not to cooperate with police.

Police are also investigating if a fire at a nearby office and warehouse was connected to the drive-by shootings.

A home in Francis St, Fairfield, took four bullets to a front wall about 1am (AEST) on Wednesday, a police spokeswoman told AAP.

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No one reported the incident until 1.30pm, and the occupants were reluctant to speak to police officers who visited the premises.

On Tuesday, a fire broke out at a nearby business in Lisbon St, Fairfield East, about 8.20pm and took three hours to extinguish.

The two-level administration area of the warehouse suffered significant damage.

Police have deemed the fire suspicious, and the police spokeswoman said detectives were working to determine if the incident was related to the shootings.

NSW Police on Tuesday established Strike Force Restore, made up of local detectives and the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad (MEOCS), to determine if the drive-by shootings in the Fairfield and Merrylands areas were linked.But detectives say they have a difficult task ahead of them because some members of the community are afraid to come forward.Detective Superintendent Peter Lennon said on Tuesday that people in the community were too fearful to come forward.

"The one issue that we do have as a police force is that there are victims, witnesses and members of the community who know what has taken place, but will not come forward and assist the police," the Fairfield Local Area Commander said.

Shots were fired at a home and two vehicles parked outside premises in Lachlan Street, Bossley Park, about 1.45am (AEST) on Tuesday.Some of the bullets struck the garage, but a man, woman and their 39-year-old son inside the home were not injured.

The occupants told media they were innocent victims.

Police were also called to Merrylands Sesame Pizza shop about 10am on Tuesday after the owners arrived to find five bullet holes in their shopfront window.

About 9.35pm on Sunday, a man and two women were inside a house in Eddy Street, Merrylands West when a bullet came within a metre of hitting them.

Police suspect a bullet that struck a home 700m away in Leeton Street was a stray from the attack.

It’s understood that Mouhamed and Sleiman Tajjour, cousins of Kings Cross nightclub owner John Ibrahim, previously lived at the Eddy Street address.

The Tajjour brothers were convicted of manslaughter over the death of Robin Nassour, the brother of Fat Pizza actor George Nassour, in 2006.

The pair was released from prison in March last year.

A day earlier, a 25-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound about 11.30am when someone fired at a hairdressing salon in Fairfield.It is understood an argument had taken place in front of the premises on Saturday before the attack.

On Friday, about 6.30pm, two people escaped injury when someone fired on a house in Mallacoota Street, Wakeley, damaging a window and a parked car.


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