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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Police are investigating whether there are gang ties at play in a drive-by shooting that shook the family living in the shot-up Langside Street home

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A suspect was quickly caught by police. A tactical team happened to be nearby about 7 p.m. Monday and spotted a truck taking off right after at least one shot was fired, busting a large hole in the front window of the home in the 600-block of Langside, Winnipeg police said.

Officers chased the truck, which was stolen over the weekend, police said. Minutes later it crashed into another truck at Selkirk Avenue and Aikins Street.

The innocent victim, a man driving the other truck, wasn’t badly hurt, police said, however, that wasn’t the case for the suspected shooter.

The 19-year-old man was initially in unstable condition but he has since stabilized, police said. He is facing charges, but sources say he suffered spinal injuries and his medical condition is not improved enough yet for the charges to be formally laid, so police have not released his name.

No one was hurt in the shooting. Four people — including a five-year-old boy — were home when at least one shot was fired from what a source said is a shotgun that police recovered, along with ammunition, inside the stolen truck.

The home’s tenant has seven children and she’s glad only one was home at the time. The boy happened to be at the back of the house when the shooting happened.

Her younger children were out visiting relatives and an older son is currently behind bars for reasons the woman declined to discuss. Sources say the 19-year-old man who is in jail has ties to the Mad Cowz. The woman said her son is no longer in that street gang.

“I guess we’re OK — we’re alive,” said the woman, who did not want her name printed out of fear of retribution. “It makes me angry that they shot up my house — I have kids ... What kind of person does that? It’s ridiculous.”

Police say it’s sheer luck no one was hurt in the shooting.

“This is another situation where I’m extremely thankful that I’m not acknowledging death or serious injuries. It’s very surprising, but again, very thankful that we’re not,” said Const. Jason Michalyshen, a Winnipeg police spokesman.

Michalyshen said detectives are investigating whether the shooting is linked to gang activity, but he could not be more specific other than saying police do not believe it is connected to the feud between the Rock Machine and the Hells Angels.

Investigators also have not established whether Monday’s shooting is linked to three others in the West End in a little over a week, Michalyshen said.

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