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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Girl killed in gang shootout

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12-year-old Cape Town girl was killed during a deadly shootout between rival gangs and cops. And the victim’s sister and cousin were rushed to hospital after they were also shot in the crossfire on Saturday night. Sade Boltman, 12, her 17-year-old sister Tiffany and their cousin Quade Fredericks, 12, were walking home from their grandmother’s house when they trapped in the shootout. The children and three other relatives – including Quade’s mother Gaynor Schwartz – were walking in Vlamboom Road, Bonteheuwel, when a shootout broke out between two rival gangs and police. Cops claim the victims were shot by the gang members before they arrived. But residents insist the cops were at the scene before any of the children were hit. Sade’s heartbroken family were Sunday night trying to come to terms with the senseless killing of their beloved daughter. Tiffany and Sade’s father Anthony Boltman, 38, says the children were planning a surprise party for their grandmother who celebrated her birthday last week. “They were on their way home and just as they took the bend at Vlamboom Road, people were shooting,” Anthony tells the Daily Voice. “We don’t know where the shots came from (police or gangsters).” Anthony says his daughter was still alive when he arrived at the scene at around 10pm. “I was the last person to see her,” he says. “I spoke to Sade as she was on the floor and told her not to leave me. “She just looked at me as if to say ‘Daddy, please help me’. “They were going to surprise their grandmother at church [Sunday] for her birthday.” Sade was rushed to hospital with her injured sister and cousin. Medics battled to save her life – but she died hours later from her injuries. Sade’s sister was shot in the right foot and is recovering in hospital. Her cousin Quade, who was shot in the jaw, underwent surgery to remove the bullet. Sade’s mother Sherri was too distraught to talk to the Daily Voice at the family home in Bonteheuwel Avenue on Sunday. Scores of friends and relatives arrived to offer their condolences to the family. Neighbours also placed floral tributes at the scene of the fatal shooting. Police and Vlamboom Road residents on Sunday night gave different accounts of the bloody shootout that resulted in the death of the 12-year-old girl. Locals are adamant the shootout was between police and gang members. But cops claim their officers only arrived at the scene after a separate shootout between rival gangsters. Resident Gail Brooks says several shots were fired outside her home, close to where the children were hit. “They were walking down the road when the shots were fired,” she tells the Daily Voice. “Police said they were looking for someone wearing a red top but they didn’t find anyone. “There were lots of shots fired.” Bishop Lavis police spokesperson Captain Marie Louw claims the fatal bullet was not fired from any of the officers’ guns. “According to a witness there was a shooting between two gangs when one of the gang members walked towards the children and started shooting at them,” she tells the Daily Voice. “Sade was shot in the chest and neck and died as a result of her injuries.” Louw claims police arrived minutes later when the suspects allegedly opened fire on them. “The police fired back and managed to arrest a 21-year-old man from Yellowwood Street,” she adds.

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